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  1. lukebennett

    B Sc (Adv) workload?

    hey guys, what is the workload like when its 26 hrs? it sounds like alot of work but its hard to tell really. is the content alot harder than school content? is it easy to pick up? how much work is there outside of lectures and is it all necessary to get good marks and understand your work...
  2. lukebennett

    Im in deep s**t

    i just re-read my enrolment info and i noticed i need a certificate that says i have applied for a tax file number. i cant go today and i cant go tomorrow cause its australia day..............
  3. lukebennett

    BOS meet-up

    i think this has been tried before but maybe if we plan it now it might be successful. i think we shud have a meet up at o-week sometime. we shud plan a meeting place or something and all say hi!!!!! ive only met one BOSer for real before
  4. lukebennett

    Majors in Science

    hi everyone, i want to do Adv science this year at usyd and major in neuroscience in 3rd year. it has a strong recommendation where they say you should study molecular biology and genetics (intro) which is in semester 2 of 1st year. the problem is that i also want to do the gamsat and get...
  5. lukebennett

    University Info Days

    So were they useful? i found them really helpful for finalising my preferences. i learnt a fair bit about the courses
  6. lukebennett

    B Science (Advanced)

    OMG the projected cut-off for this is 97.00 and that is exactly what i got. i hope i get it. the cutoff last year only jumped 0.2 but for this year it is projected to go up by 0.65. or does the uac just move it to an even number just to say they think it will go up a bit?
  7. lukebennett

    B Med Sci v B Sci (Adv)

    Hey everyone, i want to do graduate medicine at usyd. i thought id do medical science but am now thinking id like to do adv sci cause there are more options for majoring. id like to major in medicinal chemistry atm but yeah. what dou you all think/ is it worth doing med sci? i havent done...
  8. lukebennett

    HECS places- B med sci or sci

    Hey everyone. does anyone know if there are increased HECS places for these courses next year at USYD or UNSW? im a bit nervous cause heaps of people are saying courses will be jumping several points so i thought that increased HECS places might slightly counteract this
  9. lukebennett

    Ohhh My God!!! Its Finally Over!!!

    how great does it feel having this over? the questions were doable and clear. the short answers were a bit iffy but who really cares? most of us have finished school and hsc forever now how do you all feel?
  10. lukebennett

    Bachelor Medical Science cut off

    Hey everyone, do you think the cut off for this will jump much for next year? it was 94.45 last year and that was up from 93.?. do youthink more people will be applying this year? If i do around what my school rankings are i should manage a 96-98.5 or there abouts. im not really sure though...
  11. lukebennett

    should i do a physics bridging course?

    Hey everyone, i want to do med sci next year but have not studied physics. i have only done chemistry and biology. I find both quite doable and have been getting over 90 for both at school. Would i find physics to hard to keep up with if i didnt do a bridging course? or should i just get an HSC...