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    Visiting grand waterfalls?

    Is this a good time of the year to visit Grand Waterfalls In Oklahoma? I've never been there before and wasn't sure if there was a preferred time to visit. Anything special I should know before driving up there? Thanks
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    Tenor Ukulele?

    I’ve been toying with this idea for awhile! I have no clue as to what brand or how much money to spend. I remember my one buddy bought one on his trip to Hawaii. He let me fool around on it, and it sounded like a POS. Probably a typical tourist trap job, and I told him just that. So, please...
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    Food Processor or stand mixer?

    I'm considering buying either a new food processor or a stand mixer. I make alot of noodles and pasta so I want something that will work with dough. Any suggestions out there? Thanks for your help.
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    Hey guys, I just got my first colonoscopy and everything is basically fine. They did find some hemme's and diverticulosis along with a pre-cancerous polyp but nothing major. The nurses were smokin hot (well, one of them was) and I was totally out for the procedure. Was not conscious. They...
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    Hair started falling out.

    There are a lot of things that can cause hair loss including stress. You need to go see your doctor. :hug:
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    Recommendations for upgrading from a beginners flute

    To play them, you need good advice and to go somewhere where you can play them - a solid silver mouthpiece is usually recommended, but the price can vary. Different brands suit different flautists - we got another Yahama. The beginner's flute is kept so that when one is being serviced, etc., the...
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    Table Tennis blade for each type of Playing?

    Hey! It never used to be lol. I haven't checked in a while. It is a do everything blade. I have several do everything blades in my list but unfortunately all of them are over 50 bucks.
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    Help me to choose best piano.

    I second Luis suggestion, but if price is a limit, Yamaha would be my choice as well.