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  1. SweatyAsian#1

    Thesis Statement - 1 sentence or 2 sentences?

    Stuck between using a 1 sentence thesis or a 2 sentence thesis. Let me explain: 1 sentence Thesis - Pretty much what you think a thesis is; answering questions and integrating question/module keyword words. Bit vague but is very concise. quality > quantity... in a way (no jumping to conclusions...
  2. SweatyAsian#1

    Self-Made Notes or Pre-Made Notes?

    Which type of notes should I use/gravitate towards? I'm already planning on using other ppl's notes/tutoring-made notes for science and math related subjects, then adding important formulas or adding onto those notes... but for English and Economics, do you guys make your own notes...
  3. SweatyAsian#1

    How to study for Economics (Question, not answer... YET!)

    Pretty much summed up in the title, like what's the best way you guys study for Economics because reading the Dixon textbook and completing 3 questions really isn't the biggest motivation lol. Like, what's the best way to study ahead for Economics? Appreciate you :)
  4. SweatyAsian#1

    Strive Science Textbooks vs ATAR___Notes Topic Tests

    From personal experience, advice or knowledge on either one, which textbook/book should Year 11 and 12 Students buy? I'm quite set on buying Strive since it's more professionally made, over 30+ years of experience, etc. but I would like to know a CLEAR majority on which one is better under...
  5. SweatyAsian#1


    So I have my final English exam for Year 11 in 3 days. I'm basically asking for any advice on how to write a good essay in response to a given extract and 2-3 texts we have studied. I already completed my TEE Tables, analysed and understood all the themes and ideas of the texts. My main concern...
  6. SweatyAsian#1

    4U Mathematics or Chemistry

    Hello fellow procrastinators, intrigued students, and bright minds, As the title suggests, I'm stuck on whether I should choose: 1) 4U Mathematics for HSC and drop Chemistry in year 12 (10 units at the end) OR 2) Should I stick with 3U and keep Chemistry to be on the safe side? (11 Units till...
  7. SweatyAsian#1

    How do you study for Economics?

    Hello there, I am currently in Year 11, yet I'm really confused about how to PROPERLY study Economics for the HSC. What my teacher currently does to 'teach' us, is to provide booklets based on the syllabus which we fill out from his powerpoints. We submit practice essays and multiple-choice...
  8. SweatyAsian#1

    Should I do Chemistry Tutoring or is it not needed?

    Hi there, Just a quick question if you guys think taking Chemistry tutoring is helpful/required for the HSC or just staying on top of homework + getting ahead of the work is good enough? I already do tutoring for Math and Physics so I don't really want to be reliant on tutoring anymore/invest...
  9. SweatyAsian#1

    Should I drop Chemistry or Business Studies?

    Hey there, I am currently in Year 11 doing 3U Maths, English Advanced, Physics, Economics, Chemistry and Business Studies. I am fixed on dropping either Chemistry or Business Studies but would REALLYYY like some advice (any advice tbh), on which one I should drop based on personal experience...