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  1. Bumblebee_18

    ATAR Estimate??

    Hiii! I was wondering if someone could give me an estimate given my current ranks? As follows: ECO- 5/59 || 0-3 b6 MATH ADV - 60/145 || 35-42 b6 MATH EXT - 38/90 || 18-26 b6 BIO 10/110 || 5-7 b6 ENG - 45/90 || 10-15 b6 D&T 5/26 || 5-7 b6 My school rank is kinda low with around 170-180 range...
  2. Bumblebee_18

    How to improve exam technique?

    I'm becoming incredibly frustrated with my marks and ranks, every mark I've ever lost in subject like Bio or Eco is because of my exam technique. I know all my content, but I just get confused with how to improve to know what the markers want. I know that past papers are key and I've done loads...
  3. Bumblebee_18

    Subject Selection Help plz

    SO, I'm so so stressed for the subject selection, I'm stuck on 11 units and I can't decide on any more subjects because I'm kinda scared of what the workload and will be like. Our school interview was NOT helpful, the person in front of me kept talking and my appointment was delayed and...