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    Maths: Private or Dr. Du?

    Talent, Art of Smart, Matrix, Project, etc Talent has free trials this weekend, I saw a post somewhere earlier. Would be good checking it out
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    Maths: Private or Dr. Du?

    Du is very specialised and more 'traditional' when compared to other tutoring centres (as you know) It depends if you want that competitive atmosphere, or want to opt for 1-1 which will work more at your own pace Would you consider going somewhere else for group tutoring?
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    best tuition near hurstville?

    any suggestions for year 11 & 12? hurstville, kogarah, etc
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    Best UCAT Prep Courses

    Honestly I wouldn't recommend any of them Search for the UCAT subreddit, so many good resources and reviews there
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    Best Economics Tutoring?

    Have you trialled any eco tuition places before? Most tuition centres offer a free trial of 1-2 weeks
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    Thoughts on Proficiency Education?

    Never heard of them until now tbh Are they new?
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    What's happened to Delta?

    Yeah I remember there was some issue that was covered in Honi Soit – now which has also been deleted... Again v weird.. Those memes were amazing lol
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    What's happened to Delta?

    I just tried to get onto Delta English website but it's down. No Facebook or Instagram either... what's going on?
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    4U English?

    As everyone mentioned, it's basically a major work/thesis that you need to complete for 4U English If you're excellent at writing I would highly recommend, if not, then honestly stick to 3U English instead
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    10 units in year 12

    12 It's a good safety net to have in case things go wrong
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    2022 HSC chat

    There's also a few groups on FB for 2022 HSC I don't think I can link them, but pretty sure they're public to find on Facebook
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    Year 11 Subject Selection

    The feedback from last year was that the Bio exam was testing people on the strangest topics. It seemed like it was something that people couldn't really study for! Have a look at the 2020 Discussion Groups on FB about feedback on Biology, it was very hit or miss last year. Plus Bio has a lot...
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    i need HBHS past papers

    Which subjects?
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    Economics Papers

    Idk I feel like Eco ones are hard to find for some reason I've even looked in a few groups on Fb and they don't really float around too much
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    Economics Papers

    Hiiii Does anyone know where I can find some Economics papers (apart from NESA) Pls I need some serious practice! :caffeine:
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    Should I do Biology Tutoring?

    I think it depends what your strengths and weaknesses are tbh Biology is more memory based as you said, but are you having difficulty understanding the concepts, or just looking for overall help? Heaps of tutoring places offer trials so it could be good for you. Where did you think about going?
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    Best ATAR Calculator

    Wow only off by 0.2? That's awesome!
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    Best ATAR Calculator

    Hi guys, Can we settle this once and for all – what's the best ATAR Calculator (in terms of best accuracy) you have found?
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    tbh it's a good safety net
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    Advice on "Memorising" Content

    It always helps me to colour code certain parts of text – for some reason this helps me to remember the content Oh and not have any music or anything playing in the background helps too lol