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    HELP! On the fence about dropping a subject.

    Hey guys, So basically its half way through the HSC year and I'm considering dropping Business Studies. I have never really liked the subject, just picked it because it went pretty hand in hand with Economics. The current subjects I do include: English Adv, Ext 2 Maths, Ext 1 Maths, Economics...
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    Idk if I should drop Business Studies 🥴

    Im currently ranked 2nd in Business Studies because its so easy yet i find it so boring and a big waste of time. My school usually gets mostly B6 and some B5s in Business Studies. I need an ATAR of 96 to get into the course I want to do.
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    Idk if I should drop Business Studies 🥴

    Hey guys, So basically I’m into my 2nd term of year 12 and everything’s going great but I’ve started to get really f-ing bored with business Studies. Firstly I’m mad I didn’t pick physics instead of it cause I want to do engineering in uni. Anyways, it is such a dry subject with loads of...
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    ATAR Prediction (based off prelim results) + Help with Subject Concerns

    Hi, it’s the OP again. I have spoken to my year advisor and multiple teachers who have said to keep 4u and I have decided to. I have noticed that by studying the topics more and devoting more time, I am actually at the same level, if not higher than the others that do tutoring. I do tutoring for...
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    Notes/advice for Economics, Legal Studies, and Business Studies!

    I do Economics and my preliminary mark was 97/100, ranked 1/45, but I never made short answer notes in this fashion. I always used definitions and concepts based on the syllabus and collated it during my preliminary tests at will. I would recommend being able to make links between concepts and...
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    ATAR Prediction (based off prelim results) + Help with Subject Concerns

    Hey guys, So basically this year in preliminary I did really well in all my subjects. I have picked up 4U maths but I am not sure if its right for me, even though i did good in 3u this year and I enjoy maths. I go to a selective school so the competition in subjects is high and 48 people do 4U...