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    are there any ways to do law without going to uni pleaseee i need help

    need help as to whether there are ways to get into law without uni
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    Mod C help plz

    can anyone be kind enough to send me their Mod C work or notes.
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    my teacher says that i need 3 lcmid for each paragraph. I dont mind doing this, however i reach 1200 to 1400 words. I can write that but only barely and it raelly exhausts me in exams. Is 3 lcmids per parahraph necessary for a full mark essay and how should i lay it out. Thank you very much. lUv...
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    Mod B standard english question

    can someone provide me a Mod B standard english question that is likely to be in the exam. plz. tytyty
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    what is globalisation

    "globalisation is the removal of barriers of trade between nations" what does that mean and what barriers
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    how should i be studying for trials

    right now im just doing notes and short answer questions our teachers give us. Should i do anything else
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    do i hold a chance

    i stuffed up in english 3 times in a row despite putting effort towards it. Is there still a chance to redeem myself and smash trials. What can i do and how do i study for english on the holidays. PLZ help ive lost all motivation for hsc.
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    Which HSC textbooks should i get?

    My subjects are: stan math stan english pdhpe legal business Should i get ATAR notes, Excel or cambridge textbooks
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    How do i Improve for english

    im lost. I just got my marks back (18/24) and im not happy with it. Guys were pulling of 23/24 and i really want to do something like that. i know this doesn't come easy but i need a guide because my school is actual crap and especially because this new syllabus is bit weird without the area of...
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    Do i have to be concise with my Defintions?

    So im doing my notes and im seeing people put definitions like for example with civil and political rights (legal studies), they will say that civil and political rights Protect individuals from arbitrary/totalitarian exercises of power by the state. And that will be their definition. ISN'T THIS...
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    Should i use notes that are provided on Bored of studies or do them myself

    idk whether to make my own notes or use someone elses and change it up abit
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    I dont know how to study properly

    the thought that im going up against 80000 students stresses me out. I dont know how im going to do this. Can someone give me their study tips or any guides that helped them. Much appreciated. Standard math Standard english legal business pdhpe
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    BABYLON SUMMARY. (734words)

    lookn forra babylon summary. here u go. this aint been marked yet but u can edit yourself. Pythag, out peace...
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    Assess the role of law reform in addressing emerging technological issues enforcing rights.

    if you just want to fluff your legal studies essay in prelim or whatever with case briefs and stuff, here it is. i did this in one night so appreciate the quality. peace...... edit: i got 25/25 for this so yh its decent.