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    2023 HSC chat

    3 day excursion ?? where to
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    i know mans was posted up in the bathroom googling for his life
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    complex evaluation

    oh woops i just tested my one with a circle of radius 1 and they arent all one ill try to fix it
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    complex evaluation

    they should all have a length of 1
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    complex evaluation

    i was playing around with this on desmos and found out z1 can actually be an infinite number of complex numbers with argument less than pi/2 , all the complex numbers have a modulus of 1 as well, here is the desmos link (i spent a long time doing this in business studies) desmos link
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    integration via parts
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    complex II

    if you dont mind me asking how did you get those sols? i havent learned about polynomial stuff for complex no.s
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    What do you do as a school captain?

    primary school captain gang
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    Best Truss Design?

    But if you look carefully at my diagram the bridge remains standing even with the point load on top. Hope this helps
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    What is the point of a textbook deposit?

    wow, so technically i can convert to exponential form really quickly now this is great
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    What is the point of a textbook deposit?

    my fx82au or the new calculator???
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    What is the point of a textbook deposit?

    yes the only downfall. i was looking at that new casio thats coming out next year that tywebb was posting about that can do vectors and complex stuff and i might buy that and bring both calculators with me (the fx82au as a good luck charm of course)
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    What is the point of a textbook deposit?

    the fx82au will always remain on top. my year 7 model has never failed me and i plan to bring it with me into the hsc
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    complex no.

    latex champ
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    complex no.

    this isnt much help but is this from the further complex numbers topic? and how did you do part ii)
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    whats everyone planning on doing after the hsc?

    im caught up between wanting to study math or civil engineering
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    do unis look at suspensions when getting early entry apps?
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    induction q

    aah that makes a lot more sense, i dont know why i thought i could just leave a 1- there