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    How is everyone revising for 4u maths?

    ^^^^^ Just curious!
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    For MOD C discursives and persuasives!

    Just curious can we make up quotes in the HSC for MOD C (DEFS not the other mods) , considering that I have made some up and have gotten away with them? Thanks! Edit: I meant this for the main piece and not the prescribed text ones in the reflection!
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    Mind Blank

    How would you do the following question?
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    is it possible to state rank externals in Physics and Chemistry to get a B6 average?

    ^^^^in the case your internals are like high band 5s, have people done really well in their external exams?
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    Internal rank help

    So kinda bombed (primarily due to burnout) my chemistry trials which made my average dip.... I am averaging 82% or so with a rank of 2/50 in a chemistry cohort that approximately gets 3 band 6s or so every year. But thing is, I am about 11% from the person who is first (averaging 93%), which...
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    Inspiration of people acing externals after a poor trial run...

    I seek to find solace and motivation to get a high average overall, after wut I perceive to have been a poor outing in the trials... Thanks!!
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    definition of slit width

    So can someone clarify the definition of 'd' in the diffraction grating formula - some qs use it for the width of the slit, whereas others use it for the separation between slits?
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    - Are we supposed to recall Hubble's constant?
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    Is it necessary to fill all/most of the lines for the short answer section as my teacher said it is indicative of how much you should write?

    ....wut if you happen to extensively answer the question is less space (i.e. less words)?
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    How do ionised gas molecules produce light?

    ^^^^ thanks (with relation to gas discharge tubes)
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    Critic reception in Mod B...

    How should I approach using and selecting critical perceptions for my Module B essays?
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    ASAP Relative gap difference

    I am a bit confused between the relative gap difference part of moderation - does it imply that if there is a 6% difference between 2nd and 1st, then that 6% will remain or does it imply the 6% difference will be decreased/increased by a proportion based on the performance in the externals?
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    What should I suffice in the Mod B T.S. Eliot exam?

    ^^^^ Thanks!!!
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    Hey guys, are there any synonyms that carry the meaning can "...apply in real life." Thanks!!!!
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    Drafts for reflection

    Is it recommended that we create a draft for the reflection part in Module C in prep for the trials and the HSC? Or is it better to create a draft discursive, creative and persuasive for Mod C?
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    Question help

    From SHM Pls help with the above question....
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    ASAP explanation on quote from 'That crafty feeling'

    Can someone explain to me the above quote from Zadie Smith's 'That Crafty feeling'? Thanks
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    q on stylistic feature

    Can we reference 'analogies' to be a stylistic feature?