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    Qns about early entry '23 HSCer

    Hey guys I just started my year 12 few weeks ago and got my nesa result for year 11 today I wonder could anyone have a look of my result and tell me what's the chance i can get into UTS/Mq through the early entry program? My dream course is urban planning which require a atar around 70-85 but...
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    Qns about Mq early entry and UNSW portfolio

    Hello everyone I am a year 11 student I just finished my yearly exam recently and I think I got decent results(I'm in a school ranked around 60th across NSW) EAL/D 78% rank(overall the year)should be like 13/32 Maths adv 82% rank 35/153 Geography 79% 5/21 Economics 81% 20/71 Chinese literature...