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    Buying new iMac...

    I'm planning to a buy a new iMac just before uni starts, since I've decided I need a new PC, and want to take a learning curve and get a mac. I was surprised that they didn't announce updates to/new iMacs at Macworld 09. Does anyone expect them to update the iMac very soon, or release new...
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    Paying Uni Fees

    I've read that at enrolment (at least for BPharm @ USyd), you choose whether you're going to pay your CSP Contribution upfront, or take up a HECS-HELP loan. Since the fees are calculated by adding up costs of each subject/unit, do I have the option of paying some of my CSP Contribution for...
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    Are you truly satisfied?

    Are you truly satisfied with your marks? I, personally, am satisfied with my marks.. but can't say that I'm very happy. I expected a little more in Bio and English, but meh.... can't really complain.
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    2009 HSC Mathematics - Calculus and Locus [Paper 1]

    Here's a little something for all 2009ers doing Mathematics, from conics2008 and myself,danz90. We've compiled and created a HSC-style practice exam thoroughly covering the topics of Basic Algebra/Surds/Expansions, Calculus and Locus/Parabola. It was conics2008's idea, he compiled the...
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    Section I: Short Answers

    What did you think of short answer section? I reckon it was pretty good this year. They could've made the ethanol one 7 marks instead of 5, but hey, im not complaining. The way the put the water purifying question in there was a little different - asessing catchment area features, smart move...
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    Post up your multiple choice answers here. The supervisors didn't let me take the paper (AGAIN!). All I remember was, there was like 4 D's in a row! And first one was A. lol For that one with the picture of the waterway going thru town etc, I got A, because the TDS would be high around...
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    Modelling the Ionisation of Acids

    Would anyone be so kind as to share their model with us :)
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    Section I: Multiple Choice

    Post up your multiple choice answers here and discuss.
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    General Thoughts - PDHPE

    Post your general thoughts on this year's exam paper. Hope everyone did well. :)
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    Environmental Issues

    Can someone please post what they're environmental issues are for each of the industrial processes: -Sulfuric Acid (Contact Process) - Frasch process issues also? -Chlor-Alkali (Electrolysis of NaCl) -Saponification -Solvay Process Cheers :)
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    Section I: Part B - Short Answer Responses

    How do you think you went in the Short Answers section? Discuss answers/questions.
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    Section I: Part A - Multiple Choice

    Post up and discuss your multiple choice answer suggestions. :)
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    General Thoughts - Physics

    Hope you all went well! Post up general thoughts about this year's Physics exam. :)
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    State Rankings

    How does this work? And how many students are given a state ranking, per subject? How can you find out if you got a state ranking?
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    What is BSc (Nutrition) like?

    Hey I'm interested in putting BSc Nutrition as my 2nd pref (pharmacy 1st).. just incase I don't get into pharmacy next year. It's a degree I think I could maintain a high WAM in, and then transfer to pharmacy the year after. Is the course interesting, tedious? Any general comments? BTW...
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    insect pests

    we didn't really cover insect pests for a particular dot point.. but instead went into plant pathogens. so is it essential that I also know examples of specific insect pests. I know about aphids, but don't know exactly what the aphids bring about. can someone please explain. :)
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    band 6 hope gone

    well tonight I realise my hope for a band 6 is gone. the teaching program at school for module b centred around directorial readings of king lear... as well as close textual analysis of the play itself, rather than focusing on our PERSONAL interpretation. in all our assessments, trial...
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    Solving an inequality with an unknown denominator

    I know this is really easy for many of uz... but for some reason i never get full marks for this kind of question, and i've never exactly understood the method well. I usually get a mark for saying tha x =/= SOMETHING. But then i dont get the other mark coz i get the wrong inequality or...
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    Do you memorise or derive formulas?

    Like, in particular... do you guys actually memorise the equations for chords/tangents etc etc in the parabole chapter? I usually just derive most of them while answering question. But then there are trig formulas and rules that you just have 2 remember.
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    Timing in the exam

    For my trial, I realised I poorly allocated time for each response in Paper 2. I spent around 45-50 minutes to write 5 pages of our schools writing booklets (equal to 10 hsc writing booklet pages) for Mod A, then 50 minutes for a lengthy but sophisticated King Lear response... which left me only...