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    Help with Labels in GUI (Tkinter Python)

    I need help with adjusting the horizontal length of the labels. I wanna make sure they are all aligned. I did use padx but it doesn't make their length the same. Is there a way to fix the labels so that their length doesn't keep changing? Help would be appreciated.
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    Graphs of cos^-1(cosx), cos(cos^-1(x)) , sin^-1(sinx) and sin(sin^-1(x))

    I don't really understand why we sketch the graphs of cos^-1(cosx), cos(cos^-1(x)) , sin^-1(sinx) and sin(sin^-1(x)) the way they are in the textbook. I would appreciate it if someone could explain the reason behind sketching them that way! Thanks in advance!
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    Research and essay task help

    Guys, we have a research and essay based task coming up for topic 1 (Global economy). I have a feeling that it might be a case study but not super sure. Do you guys have an idea of what it might be about? Btw the weightage of the task is 25%.
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    Help with SDD assignment

    I would like some feedback on the code for my SDD assignment based on pygame. Is anyone able to give some feedback on how I can possibly make the code more efficient? If yes, then could you kindly dm me? Appreciate it!
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    Help with essay question

    for the question: Analyse how your prescribed text represents the ways individuals respond to the challenges they face. In your response, make reference to your prescribed text. How many challenges should I talk about? btw my prescribed text is 1984
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    What exactly does it mean to have a narrow export base? Also, what are the effects of having a narrow export base on the economy?

    Still a bit confused as there is not a lot of info available online. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Need help with understanding the question

    Could someone explain the meaning of "changing sources" and give some examples in this question: "Analyse the changing sources of economic growth and their effects on the Australian economy"
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    How did Louis Essen measure the speed of light?

    I need help in understanding how Louis Essen measured the speed of light. It would be great if someone could explain the method.
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    How does the novel,"The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini shape our world?

    Question: How does the novel, "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini shape our world? Can someone help me with this question and give me some ideas. Also if possible, could you suggest some big ideas being challenged in the Novel? Thanks!