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    math question in tests

    I have a math test on Tuesday and I feel like I'm very prepared, however, in every test I've done, there are always questions I've never seen and I am not sure what to do. How can I prevent this from happening, even after I've studied heaps in advance.
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    Chemistry Data Analysis vs Chemical Analysis

    Whats the difference between a data analysis chemistry assessment and a chemical analysis assessment?
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    What grades required for early entry

    What grades are required for early entry at UTS for a bachelor of software engineering or a bachelor of business? Do you need straight A's in year 11?
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    year 12 tutoring

    If you're currently in year 11 going into year 12 and do advanced maths and do tutoring please let me know which tutor you go to for maths.
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    Tutoring help

    Hello, need some recommendations for maths and chemistry tutoring for year 12. Specifically, ones that are online. Cheers
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    possible 90+ atar

    Is it possible to get an atar of above 90 with these subjects? English standard, maths advanced, chemistry, business studies and geography
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    What tutor to pick

    What is the best tutoring service to pick? I'm currently stuck choosing between a 1 on 1 tutor or choosing a tutoring centre, such as matrix or talent100. What would be the best to pick? And which tutoring service/company provides the best value for money?
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    Improve content knowledge

    What is the best way to improve theory/content knowledge on subjects like chemistry and maths (outside of class)?
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    Ipad or paper notes

    Should I use an iPad or paper notes? I use paper notes at school, and then I use an iPad when I study at home. Is it more effective to use paper notes for school and home or continue utilizing the iPad?
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    How to study for maths

    I'm in year 11 and am doing maths advanced, how many hours a night should I be studying, and what is the most effective and efficient way of studying for maths.
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    Need tutor ASAP

    Hello, I'm looking for a maths advanced and chemistry tutor for year 11 ASAP. Please respond, or send me a message.
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    How to self study?

    I need help with self-studying for chemistry and maths. How do I self-study for these subjects? What textbooks are best and which study methods should I use? Im currently in year 11
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    Chemistry test

    I recently got 20/30 on my chemistry test for year 11, the class average was 11/30. Will my grade be boosted up a bit as the class average was so low?
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    Business studies report

    Does anybody have an example business report for year 11 term 1, thanks
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    Muji pen

    I recently purchased a muji pen and everyone says there meant to be very smooth, however mine feels extremely rough against the paper. Is there anything I can do?
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    Improve at math

    Im currently doing advanced math and am in year 11, any tips for improving in maths, i'm currently doing about 3-4 hours of maths studying a day and feel like im progressing quite slowly. Any tips would be great thanks :D
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    How hard is a 92 atar

    Im currently in year 11 and am planning to do engineering at uni. The subjects im currently doing are, advanced math, standard english, chemistry, geography, software design and business studies.