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    How to prepare for year 11?

    Oh thanks I just searched the website up. I'm just confused because someone said that you should link your quotes and to ideas/themes incorporated in the syllabus, but I don't know where they found those themes in the syllabus. I cant find anything
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    How to prepare for year 11?

    How do you find relevant ideas/themes/issues in the english syllabus for your prescribed texts?
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    english advanced task 1

    Thank you! I think I have an idea of what writing style to choose. Now that I have chosen discursive, what do you reckon I should do? I'm stuck because I don't have much time to prepare (6 days)... Should I go right into formulating and practicing writing my response? Or first take the time to...
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    english advanced task 1

    Hello. I received my first english advanced task and I am quite unsure on how to go about it. I have to prepare either a discursive, imaginative or persuasive piece, and write a reflection about it. To be honest I'm not that good at english and I haven't been listening in class, so I really...
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    Tips for subjects

    Hello. I am in my 5th week of year 11 and I am struggling to figure out how to actually study for my subjects. My subjects are: English Advanced, Math Standard 2, Studies of Religion 2, Legal Studies, Business Studies and Business Services (VET). I do somewhat have an idea of how to study for...
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    Commerce yr 9

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    Out of curiousity

    Pathway: ATAR Subjects: - English advanced - Math standard 2 - Studies of religion 2 - Business studies / or business services (still havent decided) - Legal studies - Community and family studies Some of my career interests: Lawyer, business CEO, business HR, journalist, psychologist
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    Please Help (I need advice on what subject to drop)!!!!

    You don't need to wait longer to drop something , the longer you keep an extra 2 units; the less time you have for working on your other subjects. Keep physics and drop business now. You like physics better, you perform well in it and it scales significantly better. Additionally, you might need...
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    Explain vs Analyse

    Hello. I am having trouble with analysing. I have a choice to explain or analyse for my task, and I want to try analysing. The explain question: Explain how the concept of disenfranchisement is explored in To Kill a Mockingbird. The analyse question: Analyse how the concept of...
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    Any tips for writing on the spot essays?

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    pros and cons of choosing new subjects in year 12?

    At my school we can pick up different subjects in year 12. I'm not sure how many people actually do it, but from what I've heard, some people drop subjects they hate then pick something else. It's basically up to the student to catch up. So the only reason I might do business studies in year 12...
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    pros and cons of choosing new subjects in year 12?

    Ok thank you! And yeah I guess I won't know until I try... so thanks, I will take your advice.
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    pros and cons of choosing new subjects in year 12?

    You make a fair point. I wasn't initially planning on trying that much in year 11 but lol you changed my mind. Also, I didn't pick any subjects just for the sake of filling up my units. They all have some sort of purpose, whether it's because I'm interested in it, I'm good at it, it's useful, it...
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    pros and cons of choosing new subjects in year 12?

    I'm gonna do sor2, english advanced, math standard2, cafs, legal studies and business services in year 11. I also wanted to do modern history and business studies, but could only choose 12 units. So I was thinking I could drop business services in year 12 and pursue business studies. Same with...
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    Should I get a job during Year 12?

    I don't think you should. You have a lot already, including school, study, other school commitments and sport. In the hsc, you should really only be focusing on two things. You have school and sport. Getting a job would hinder you and make you extremely tired. Most people just get a job during uni.
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    Thank you sooo much for taking the time out of your day to read and respond, I truly appreciate it! Also, I'm in 5.2 for maths. I've never gotten a D tho (usually C's), but it's because I really slacked this year. Now I understand if I dedicate some time to maths, math standard 2 shouldn't be...
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    AHAHA omg I'm new to BOS, but I've seen you and him sooo many times lmfao
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    Hey :) I recently submitted my subjects for year 11 and 12. I felt good about it at first, but now I'm doubting them... My subjects are: - English advanced - Studies of religion 2 - Math standard 2 - Legal studies - Community and family studies - Business services (VET) I am 100% sure about...