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  1. dannyo1

    Ipad or paper notes

    Personal preference. Keep in mind that the HSC will be handwritten though so make sure you don't fall out of practice.
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    How long to memorise? URGENT

    If you've spent a lot of time drafting this piece then you probably have already memorised more of it than you realise. My advice would be write out the plan - thesis, subtheses, quotes, technique, analysis and see how much of that you can comfortably recite. Chances are its a lot. Learning your...
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    SRS application

    UTS only gives offers via SRS if you qualify for EAS disadvantage or completed the 2021 HSC. If you do not meet these criteria, you must apply directly to UTS via their early entry program, which will give you an offer if you're successful; ANU uses a similar system.
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    Is it possible to achieve an ATAR of 96+ with these marks?

    Please note that UNSW gives out copious amounts of bonus points - like +5 to your ATAR if you get Band 6's in relevant subject areas. For you that is both maths and Physics - bust your ass to get band 6's in these!!!!!! I'll be honest, doing English standard shoots you in the foot a bit...
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    Who got 100 UAI in 2008?

    50,000 people used to live here now it's a ghost town
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    Has anyone received a band 6 with the assistance of Atomi?

    I found it really helpful for maths - the videos are great at breaking down complex ideas into a digestible format which really lets one grasp what's going on.
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    Class of 2021, do you have any comeback moments during your HSC year?

    Went from 84 internal mark in drama to 95 external, averaging out to a cripsy band 6. Fully thought I was gonna get an ATAR in the low 70s and take my macquarie or ANU early entry, suffice to say that didn't happen. It ain't over till the fat lady sings guys - just keep trying in spite of how...
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    how to state rank?

    You get a lovely certicficate signed by Dominic Perottet. Aside from that... I guess you could put it on your LinkedIn?
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    2021 ATAR/HSC Marks

    cunt i went from 85 internal in drama to 94 external what i’m cracked
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    How does UAC assess external transfers?

    Yes these are good points. I also suppose that the hyper competitive nature of HSC would be lacking in the uni environment as ranks aren’t a thing which affect your final grade, aside from if the uni marks on a bell curve. And another thing is… the system doesn’t take into account subject...
  11. dannyo1

    How does UAC assess external transfers?

    Very helpful, thank you! Unis are not very transparent about this, aside from when it serves their own marketing interests of course ;) Are looks just very deceiving, or does a selection rank in the 90s look a lot more achievable coming out of university study as opposed to finishing HSC/state...
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    How does UAC assess external transfers?

    Hi all. I’m aware that for external transfers where you’ve completed >1 years FTE study, UAC will assess your tertiary results as opposed to ATAR or maybe it’s a combo heavily skewed towards the tertiary but idk. Regardless, I found this on the UAC website, however it is a little bit vague IMO...
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    Geography Predictions/Thoughts

    I did the urban places one and economic activity - whatever number those were
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    Geography Predictions/Thoughts

    omg that was so good lol i had to get extra writing booklets for the extended response hahaha
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    Geography Predictions/Thoughts

    alsoooo we need string for measuring curved paths on maps - take ur shoelaces off if u don't have it it's pre important
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    Geography Predictions/Thoughts

    dw if u don't have colour pencils it is very rare that we actually use those - think it's just in graph drawing/transects
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    Geography Predictions/Thoughts

    good luck have fun my friends!! remember - economic restructuring is killing the small town 😭
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    Geography Predictions/Thoughts

    I think they're just whatever factors about the location of ur enterprise affect its functioning. Mine is Grain Fed Beef so locational factors are access to water, soil composition, gradient of soil, access to grain, access to transportation networks, drainage capability, temperature range...
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    Geography Predictions/Thoughts

    Idk how many marks this is for but for a short short answer something like: In the Sydney Olympic Park Intertidal Wetlands, nutrient cycling is an ecological process which ensures ecosystem health through providing a biologically fundamental transfer of energy across trophic levels. For example...