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    Is it possible to get 86+?

    These were my cumulative ranks and my trial marks. SOR 1 ~ Rank 17/99 Mark 43/50 MX1 ~ Rank 13/15 Mark 31/70 Math ADV ~ rank 11/34 Mark 60/100 Chem ~ Rank 8/16 Mark 48/100 PDH ~ Rank 6/55 Mark 80/100, Eng ADV ~ Rank 19/36 Mark 75/100 , Bio ~ Rank: Somewhere top 10 Mark...
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    Trial Mod C question?

    I'm very reliant on memorising for English, so for trials I've realised that I do not have enough time to memorise a creative however I do have a memorised discursive. My question is, what tips are there in transforming a discursive into an imaginative during the exam. Could I make it seem as If...
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    Is it too late to turn it around?

    I am doing the following subjects in a top ~228 School: MX1 Eng ADV PDH Chem Bio SOR 1 For the past 2 tasks my marks have been sitting at average despite a top 3 rank in the first task of biology and a top 10 rank for Maths ADV, SOR and maybe PDH - ( we didn't get ranks yet but I got 2nd...
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    How do I manage my time?

    Great thank you so much.
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    How do I manage my time?

    Thank you, also in class for chemistry, bio and maths at the moment we have booklets for the entire module/topic. Do you recommend use some of my study time to get ahead on these booklets so I don't get any homework, and make notes prior to class and just nitpick important things the teacher...
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    How do I manage my time?

    I'm aiming to do 4 hours a day of study. I usually get home at 3:30, have an hour and 20 minutes to myself which includes a quick nap. Then get started on my work. The thing is with 4 hours of study, breaks are essential and by the time that is finished so around 10pm, i still have a lot of...
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    English help

    I have a crucible essay due 2nd week back, the exam has 2 possible questions (one or the other will be shown on the day). My question is, should I write two essays for both questions and memorise them both, or should I make and memorise a generic essay which I can switch a couple words to...
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    My predicament.. Need Help

    My chemistry test is in 2 weeks however, I have an overwhelming fear that because practically half my class dropped and also because I'm struggling to understand the content that I'm gonna fail. It is a test with 20% weighting, and I'm wondering whether I should drop -- I mean I do find Math...
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    Just got my first year 12 assignment. What do I do now?

    Thank you Thanks! Should I be starting with memorising notes then progressing to practice papers closer to the exam date?
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    Just got my first year 12 assignment. What do I do now?

    Got my first bio assignment for year 12, but I'm too overwhelmed with things that i could possibly do e.g. practice papers, extend notes, get straight into memorising. What should I be doing from now up until the exam and how should I structure my day in terms of fitting in the assignment into...
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    Notes on arcadia

    Anyone have any notes/resources on the play Arcadia by Tom Stoppard? Thanks.
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    math help

    and what would that be ?
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    math help

    Need any help on these 2 questions, for an upcoming assessment.
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    Question help

    The polynomial P(x) = x^2 + ax + b has a zero at x=2. When P(x) is divided by x+1, the remainder is 18. Find the value of a and b. Would appreciate all help, thanks :)
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    Need help on a math exam question

    I would be grateful for any ideas on this question :) , I know the use of the difference between cubes is used but how do you proceed from there?
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    Need help with question.

    Any ideas? Solve cos^2theta - 5cos theta * sin theta + 6sin^2theta =0 between -pi ≤ theta ≤ pi
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    English Assignment

    What was yours about?
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    English Assignment

    My brain is malfunctioning currently and I need help with my english assignment. I am writing a discursive and we are meant to explore the transformative impact of journeys. This isn't meant to be taken literally but more metaphorically. Are there any ideas on how I can make a discursive that...