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  1. captainneuro

    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    its quite unrealistic tbh, maybe try physio @ uws or acu alternatively which you'll have a much higher chance of getting in. Can always try to transfer to usyd's one later on if you really want.
  2. captainneuro

    UTS -------> to UNSW

    Accept usyd’s offer just for now, remove it from preferences, leave unsw pref as first pref for main rounds and see what happens.
  3. captainneuro

    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    i barely do anymore but when i do, its just out of boredom or old habits of checking lol
  4. captainneuro

    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Lmfaaoooo that was my related as well when I did my hsc last year
  5. captainneuro

    law question

    ..Do you think the tens of thousands of lawyers currently working around the country are from usyd/unsw or go8 only?
  6. captainneuro

    law or commerce?

    Why not both
  7. captainneuro

    USYD or UNSW?

    The adv sci with hons is adv sci/comp sci at unsw, theres no such thing as adv sci course without honours
  8. captainneuro

    USYD or UNSW?

    If you're thinking of doing research, i would recommend usyd just because of its much better recognition internationally. For aus, doesn't matter which has better ranking between the two, both well off here lol
  9. captainneuro

    92-93 ATAR still possible? (ATAR Estimate)

    high 80's-90 imo. you're really close, just keep at it.
  10. captainneuro

    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    still few years left unfortunately :(
  11. captainneuro

    ATAR Estimate?

    around ~96-97. it's hard to tell exact tho
  12. captainneuro

    Biology raw to HSC mark

    87,88 - low b6. Anywhere in between
  13. captainneuro

    Subjects and hsc

    Your position relative to your cohort will hurt your final moderated internal marks thus your atar and it’s hard to tell how much exactly since we don’t know how your school usually performs in the externals. Don’t focus too much on marks but just do the best you can.
  14. captainneuro

    Subjects and hsc

    Unlikely. school rank?
  15. captainneuro

    Difference between internal and HSC results

    It wouldn’t be on the school report because the 88 was scaled and that scale is based on how captainhellium’s cohort went in the external exam.
  16. captainneuro

    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    Lol unfortunately those marks shown are internals and externals both counted
  17. captainneuro

    2018ers Chit-Chat Thread

    it’s also because bos isn’t just for high schoolers, it’s for uni students too haha. Plenty of uni students help each other out just like year 11/12’s do on this thread
  18. captainneuro

    Ranking Advice

    It depends how close 2nd place was to you before the trial (overall marks wise)