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    Internally transferring from arts degree to B comm UNSW?

    No. If you're doing all these Commerce units at MQ and they are credited to your UNSW degree, then you won't need to do first year units at UNSW. You will eligible to do second year units as a result so HSC graduates have no bearing on your entry. Regardless, I'm sure that they separate...
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    Should I pick Science?

    You aren't a carbon copy of your family's achievements either. For example, my dad is a lawyer but I'm not doing Law. My mother was a nurse, but I'm not going to be a nurse. Don't feel pressured by what other people are doing. Do what you are interested in!
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    New mobile phone.

    I don't like running down batteries on an essential device and Android is a very interesting OS to play around with. Of course this is all dependent on how much you are willing to spend and which is purchased first. Similarly, if you don't have an interest in other OS, then my argument is useless.
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    B Arts (Media & Communication) AND B Commerce majoring in marketing?

    Would you happen to have a link detailing this degree? I'm having a look in the 2012 Handbook and I can't seem to find any reference to Media & Communications being a valid major in a combined degree.
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    Internally transferring from arts degree to B comm UNSW?

    In instances like these, I would always recommend doing an equivalent degree at another university and then externally transferring. As you said, there is a risk of failing to hold an adequate WAM to transfer. Also remember that graduation from MQ with Commerce rather than UNSW may affect your...
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    New mobile phone.

    If you were curious about the iPhone, purchasing an iPod or an iPad would be a good alternative. I always carry my Nexus S and my iPod together, so I get the best of both worlds.
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    Home and Away

    Quite an oxymoron there haha
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread I would be concerned at how you guys play against soon. We were atrocious today in defence.
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    LAW electives

    Anything to say about LAW317? One of my best friends is doing it soon and I would like to pass on some tips.
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread I rate Bellamy. Can be bit of a tit but very effective player.
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    i got an offer from usyd already, what should i do now? QUESTIONS.

    It sounds like you may need to take out a loan.
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    The Football Thread

    Re: The Official Football Thread Who would you play as your main striker?
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    I kissed a girl (and I would've liked it, except...

    Let's run away together. You are my other half.
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    Business Studies. Enough said =.=

    Make sure you guys find some good case studies as well. Include case studies in long responses and watch your marks skyrocket You would be surprised at how many people omit this.
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    New mobile phone.

    That can't really be a selling point anymore though. I upgraded my Nexus S to ICS on the weekend so the software is essentially on par.
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    I kissed a girl (and I would've liked it, except...

    Who do you support? This has a large bearing on how women perceive men.
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    New mobile phone.

    Well Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the new iteration within the company's line of flagship phone. I would go with that one if you had to decide between the two.
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    Have you been?
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    The Law Report on RN

    So I was listening to Radio National this morning on the way to work and the Law Report was on. I figured, hey this might be of some interest to those kids on BoS who are itching to get into Law. It really does get you thinking and makes you wonder, what would you do? Anyway here's the link...
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    What Phone Do You Use?

    Oh I thought you were getting the Galaxy Nexus?