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  1. lyounamu

    Free Astrophysics Notes

    Cheers mate. Sounds like great resources to use for my brother :) Really appreciated
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    CLEARANCE of HSC Material [Eng/Maths/Chem/Phys]

    Hi nightweaver Could you clear out your PM box so that I can PM you. Cheers
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    Got these notes (Chem + Bio) for my brother. This is one awesome stuff. I reckon this is much much better than what I see from Matrix and Talent 100. Don't pay for those materials when you can grab Kamal's stuff! Truly awesome!
  4. lyounamu

    What to major in! Accounting/Finance

    Finance/accounting combination is good. However, It's the one that everyone really goes for (which is the drawback) Dude, u have only done 1613 or whatever the easy finance is and you tell us you know about finance? some finances are harder than you think in terms of mathematics...
  5. lyounamu

    USYD vs UNSW for Bachelor of COMMERCE

    no. i think fail is like less than 65 or 60....under 75, its like something else.
  6. lyounamu

    USYD vs UNSW for Bachelor of COMMERCE

    I am not sure as to what you are exactly asking... First class and second class are like results you get when you complete Honours. If you get above 85+, you get First Class. If you get lower than that but above 75, you get second class. To get into honours, you need about 80 WAM at least for...
  7. lyounamu

    Quality of Commerce Teachers at UNSW vs Macquarie University?

    Not many people are in position to answer this question well because it's unlikely that someone went to both university during their undergraduate period. And if you do find one, it's hard to tell since your result will not be too robust due to lack of data. But if I have to say from my...
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    should i do commerce/law or actuarial/economics @ unsw?

    if you want to stick to accounting, stick to it and go get your CA/CPA. I also heard that CA is more highly regarded (since it is considered more challenging and etc.) if you want to stick to actuarial studies, stick to it and go for it and get Part I/II/III. There is absolutely no point in...
  9. lyounamu

    USYD vs UNSW for Bachelor of COMMERCE

    I have been offered Finance Honours in both USYD and UNSW. I don't know too much about Undergrad Commerce in general but at least in the area of Finance Honours, UNSW has a much tougher benchmark and selection criteria. 19 people got selected for USYD Finance Honours while it was for 16 (3...
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    get in before it's too late
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    UNSW Co-op Engineering Scholarship

    yeah coop is definitely worth it. however, do make sure that you are interested in the area that you apply for and do not just pick up coop because you got it (so DO CONSIDER what you get). my gf is actuarial coop and she is doing very well in it. as someone mentioned above, you are pretty much...
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    difficulty of fins1613 final?

    89 not too shabby
  13. lyounamu

    Exam timetable s2 2012

    30/10 10/11 12/11 13/11... what the hell is this crap
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    such an inspirational guy!!
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    difficulty of fins1613 final?

    its generally easy mate. but then again it depends on person as i am quite maths-oriented. I went through a lot of past papers. i found my paper to be a little step up but that's okay because there was scaling i think (if it is harder) in saying that i found fins1612 harder than fins1613...
  16. lyounamu

    So for those thinking of doing B Actuarial Studies next year...

    1. i dont know what EAP is but EAS and AAA should apply as they did apply to every program apart from med + other specific entry course before. 2. not sure about this one..sorry
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    difficulty of fins1613 final?

    its easy stuff
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    Teaching three disciplines?

    Dip. Ed still exists in 5-6 universities: ACU, UNSW, Macq, Southern Cross, Notre dame...
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    Availibility of Parking?

    geez. i better look into every possible free parking area around uni! gonna drive from next year. sick of freaking public transport dude. you certainly dont save time by travelling with public transport.
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    Connections in getting an internship/vacation work

    Wholeheartedly agree with what newbie said. Connections can take you a long way if the connections you have happen to be a senior employee within the organisation. In saying that, I would consider myself example who was very fortunate enough to score a job at a reputable firm through connection...