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    Who here hates centrelink??

    man, me n my parents looked into everything - but bcoz my dad earns 'too much', i get jack all. and bcoz im workin to support myself, [only as a casual, mind you] mum not only gets nuthin for me, she also will have to pay back wat she got in the last 6 months, bcoz i earned 'too much'...
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    Living in the gutter

    i looked into it, coz i was gonna go to UNSW before i bombed out.. living in a basic flat, in sydney, will cost anywhere from $170/wk [2bed, very basic] upwards.. depending on how much u wanna spend, or how fancy u wanna go. keep in mind that living on campus will cost about $270 a week...
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    can UAC be wrong?

    ah, yes, plenty of 'positive influence' there, 'ey', 'buds'! so, 'no worries' then 'mate', 'its all good' 'ey', thats 'fully' 'sik mate', just so long as your not 'devo' 'mate'.. lol.. yes, my eyebrow.. not as painful as you might think.. it was an end of skool celebration - got it done on...
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    can UAC be wrong?

    i know u said 'scenic route' - and for anyone who reads this, yes! i stole it off Huy!! sorry.. nasty little habit of mine.. ahh, its ok! i can do an advanced diploma, which will only take 2 years, instead of my full masters, which would have taken 6.. we'll see wat happens after that...
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    can UAC be wrong?

    ohh, k... well, even tho it all still doesnt make much sense to me, thanx anyway guys! and so the plan goes back to the scenic route..
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    can UAC be wrong?

    or more importantly, if they are wrong, will they fix it? the way i understood it, they should have used my 2 best english, then my next best 8 units. [i didnt do any category b's] but, here's my results - [exam / assessment / HSC / units of course / units used in UAI] note - ext subjects...
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    am i as skrewed as i think?

    yeh, hey, dont get too down about it! scenic route is the right way to put it, ey.. very nice.. well, thanx again for helpin, even tho u were wrong.. but hey. not ur fault! so, all the best with ur future - i hope u enjoy the scenic route! i know i will.. he he he.. God bless
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    i know its been a long hard day.. but please?

    hey.. turns out i got 70.85 - less than desired, but hey. the world isnt over, iv got other otions, and this means its all over!!!!! GONE!!! DONE WITH - FOREVER!!!!! YYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!
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    am i as skrewed as i think?

    hey, everybody!! howd ya all go? turns out i got 70.85 - which makes it official i dont qualify for any of the uni courses i applied for, but! all is not lost! i have had another option opened up, thank God, in an area that i wanna be in, which i can get into really really easily. so, yay...
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    i know its been a long hard day.. but please?

    lol, yeh, no worries buds.. there goes my manners again.. soz..
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    am i as skrewed as i think?

    yeh, thanx again.. sorry to seem impatient.. dang it, the HSC has made me rude, too.. all that unwanted stress.. grr... all the best for ur UAI!
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    Another prediction plz

    maybe maybe umm, guessing mid to hi 80's? maybe more mid than hi.. but dont take that as gospel, coz im just guessin..
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    Sorry to ask, but prediction?

    yeh, i dont think u stuffed ur maths at all! least not as bad as some of us.. ahem. but anyway, id guess 90 - but thats pure guess, mind u!
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    uai prediction?

    well, dont take it as anywhere near fact, but maybe low 80's? 83 ish?
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    am i as skrewed as i think?

    hey, thanx for ur time buds! i kno uv done heaps.. n i appreciate the time! ta..
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    UAI prediction please! I'm stressing badddddd...HELP!!

    well, its a total guess, but maybe mid to high 70's? low 80's? ish?
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    i know its been a long hard day.. but please?

    can someone - anyone - predict my uai? please? eng. 73 e.ext1 33/50 mat. 73 m.ext1 20/50 chem 67 pd 74 textiles 82 just quick, random guesses will do fine.. dont waste heaps of time.. thanx heaps
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    R U pessimistic/optimistic about ur UAI tomolo??????

    yeh, i was optimistic, till i saw my results, then it all went downhill.. so im basically lookin at realistic i suppose, but its a 'real' that i didnt want to accept.. ahh, well. at least theres always the beach..
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    am i as skrewed as i think?

    i soo, thought id do better.. bit of a let down really.. but lets be brave - what do u think ill get? eng (adv) - 73 eng (ext 1) - 33/50 maths (adv) - 73 maths (ext 1) - 20/50 chemistry - 67 pdhpe - 74 textiles - 82 yeh.. on the whole, a nice big...