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    General Thoughts: CAFS

    yehh thats what i thought
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    heyyy ;)

    heyyy ;)
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    I want my raw marks

    who else wants to get theirs and how is it possible heard heaps on it in the news
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    General Thoughts: CAFS

    i put 20 c too (Y) messed up 6 and 7 :/ but i reckon a good test
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    Ready for CAFS

    yehh its good like that have a good rank too so hopefully
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    Ready for CAFS

    neither had health today maybe tomorrow
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    Ready for CAFS

    What do you think will be in it ? Who is prepared so far :/
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    what girls like

    i like you dr fresh
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    General Thoughts: Biology

    Re: 2011 HSC Biology Paper it was sooo hard wahhhh
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    Heyaa :)

    Heyaa :)
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    2010 Bio HSC Multiple choice answers pleaseee :D

    Can you please respond with answers to last years bio hsc paper Thanks
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    girls who make the first move

    I'd approach a guy if i was on my own
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    Exam predictions

    If i failed the bio trial and half yearly should i put in effort for the hsc?