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    What are your general thoughts?

    Ummm... wel acutally I think i did really really really well!:) Like, the best in the state! I mean, if i don't get 50/50 i'll be so disappointed! hehe, but it doesn't matter, my mum is like the head marker! AND, Just in case, I answered 5 essay questions. How many pages did everyone...
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    Textiles 2007

    yeah, but a roller has a GEOMETRIC pattern on it, and the question asked for a geometric pattern to be printed, so surely it would be roller because they would just roll the 500 banners through in a single colour with 6 differenc colours. Digital printing would be wayyyyyy to expeno, and it...
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    Textiles 2007

    Did anyone else think it was a bit shitty?
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    What's on your Year 12 Jersey?

    Our school is so incredibly avant-garde that we decided to be 'different' and have "007" on the back of ours. "Because nobody will ever be able to have it ever again" How cool is that (sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm) I got "HeLlA hAwT mWaH BoOtIfUlL" because my school is full of vapid...