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    ESSAY Q what you guys reckon

    Aw man does this essay statement suck :mad1: Designers benefit from an informed understanding of technology. I have to agree. Any opinions ???? Pwease Help :confused:
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    mambo anyone?

    aye aye everybody just wanna know nyone got any information on mambo design they'd lyk to share or even if they could point out their sources that'd be great cheers XP
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    Bachelor Of Design Help!!!

    ello ive just recently started my uni and ive already got some assesment trouble. well not really its just the mere fact that its my first and i would like some input. Its a debate topic: Technology has come to control our lives more than we have control over technology. NOW I AGREE TO THIS...
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    What did you put for ..

    What was your answer for predicting tha product in the food additives question? personally i predicted it was fruit bread or laf but i also thought it could have easily been fruit cake.
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    HSC Food Technology:General Thoughts

    personally i thought it was a mix of hardness and easyness lol .. tha multple choice q's were quite obvious and the essays were good also .. i did marketplace ... i agree bout tha swot analysis tha was hard ..
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    How many?

    So i heard some people have a class of 6 for food tech .. yer same here lol how many are in your class? also one more thing .. alot a people say food tech is easy but let me tell you tis not as simple .. there is alot o theory and alota study does go into it so all those people who think tis...
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    The exam

    mm well q1 i guess yer reiterating was a good method and it was very limited on the amount of information you could discuss. But in visual arts i guess you do have to think outside the square and comment on female roles and how the artwork portrays the female roles. Personally i discussed about...
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    The exam

    i thought personally the exam was moderately ok. I actually found i htink the hardest part well not hard really just a bit weird to write three pages on .. that Klippel question. i commented on how his artmaking practice was influenced an inspired by the newly industrialising world around him...
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    Art Express nominations.

    that's great news .. i haven't heard who's got into artexpress from our class yet but yes we will see .. aw by tha way how do you know if you got in? i mean i heard your principal gets a letter or sumthing .. and then they tell you? is that right?
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    Yayness Thread

    LOL yes poor extension people .. english hasn't finished for them .. but i tell ya one thing i can neva looka at another acurrent affairs program the same again .. bloody frontline lol but twas good
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    My Opinion ... Your Opinion?

    I thought personally the exam was great .. i studied all that there was and was well prepared .. our class was lucky actually because one of the extended response questions was our trial question .. so we were prepared for that. don't get me wrong though there were parts that were difficult at...
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    Yayness Thread

    :uhhuh: Ahh we can now sit back and relax .. act like cannibals and eat all our useless HSC english notes or throw them in our raging bon fire .. and then study for the next exam .. this is the YAYNESS thread so go on tell us your thoughts of finally ending english .. and what you plan to do...
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    Harwood Help

    mm .. while looking back at past papers about Harwood .. ive noticed that they have not really asked about interpretations .. then after checking the markers responses they too also wanted a personal and critical reflection. The question i want to ask is if youv'e got say a preprapered essay...
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    Just me?

    Is it just me but did anyone else not finish the exam? i mean it was my mistake really ... i thought the exam finished at a later time and as a result paced myself for the time i predicted .. i didn't get to finish sction 1 .. which is quiet sad because that's my strongest section .. twas...
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    AN Idiot's GUIDE to WRITING faster

    mmm. .. i find that the biggest trouble many candidates have is not finishing on time. it is either due to the time limit or being not able to answer the question. For me personally i find i cannot write as fast as others. And for this reason we should compile some ideas for writing faster. So...
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    panic panic panic

    now i know everyone says not to panic towards the HSc and to tell you the truth i haven't been .. but this week as the HSc seems so close and im panicking and i don't know how to calm myself down .. i mean i hope its not only me but if you really weren't panicking or even slightly nervous this...
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    Which BRA?

    Thanks :) for tha suggestions lol personally i'm not too comfortable trusting tha stick on bras .. after seeing them in the shops hmm yes having second thoughts .. lol ROO thanks for those links .. bras n things no there stuff .. i love em .. they look very comfortable .. i was gonna check...
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    Which BRA?

    Ello Ello just wanting some advice ... got a formal coming up and i ahve already bought tha dress now all i need to make it perfect is the right bra :) got some problems though ... don't know which is the best for me .. because as u see my dress is a halter neck and also half backless :( (so...
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    WAT about U?

    jeez well it seems tha my skool isn't tha only one then ... with tha trials our skool only focused on tha topics we learn't .. das a disadvantage considering tha HSC is on all topics ... thanks for da replies :) MUSHROOM
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    WAT about U?

    YEr we just finished our trials .. but the question i want to ask is that .. has your skool finished covering all tha topics to study for tha HSC and are doing revision? personally our skool has not and were still learning new topics eg chem and food technnology .. i mean does this provide our...