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    What did you think of the exam?

    every body seemed to talk about japan for your extended response is that because you all got the info from the text book? jsut at our school we did india :S hope you all did well hope 2 see major in texstyle VERY soon :)
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    What did you think of the exam?

    screen printing wouldnt have woked as you couldnt make it multi coloured as they were asking.. block printing maybe i did roller printing as it can provide 16 colours and gives precise prints due to the doctor blade cuts off excess pigments.. Exam was gud i thought i studied hard out 4 it as i...
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    Major Projects for yr12

    IPT doesnt have any majors gud luck with em start now if i was you otherwise stress will build n ull regret it later EXPIERENCE RIGHT HERE lol all teh best
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    Does God exist?

    he better exist i need him 2 save me in religion :)
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    Hospitality Marks

    all of you are saying in hospo is 100% raw mark (HSC mark) well at our school we had assessment marks so i duno how our school is working it n if person above ^^^^^ if u were able 2 get 99% in trial there must be something wrong with my school due to our highest mark only being 81%
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    some of the wording in the exam...

    i got slightly confused but bullshitted my way through it like i normally do lol curious did any1 else think the cheese question was totally dumb? wat was the answer??? i duno if i did it rite oh n wat was people's answers for why 70 yr olds are less than 80s????
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    whos studying at the library these days ??

    librarys r gud if you want 2 share info n test each other but im so talkative i distract pepz sorry lol but its gud jsut 2 get info off others :)
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    into the world - billy elliot

    has any1 got good quote for this text? much appreciated
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    last week of formal school

    Re: How do you feel about school been over i think its going 2 b sad we r haven like our LAST fotos LAST classes n stuff n its getten a bit teary as u wod expect from an all girls school lol i think itll hit when HSC ends
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    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    well as i go 2 an ALL GIRLS SCHOOL the bois school get our school uniforms dress up as girls n come n crash our school has happened for the past 4 or so years well we need a change! so this year the girls r crashing their school any1 have any ideas? we already got the uniforms now jsut need...
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    What should i do? (re: maths)

    i think if your doing that badly n you know you will do better in general drop but jsut remember you have to hope every1 else in general do alrite because otherwise it will drop ur UAI due to general not being a very high ranking subject so if u want a highish UAI its sometimes better to stay in...
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    Major Work Next Year..

    do something different originality gets the marks jsut make sure u DONT leave it 2 late! start b4 xmas holz cuz trust me you WILL regret it if you dont i noe u prob think yea yea sure watever cuz thats wat i thort along with my class but we soon realised when it was trials time n pepz majors...
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    Whoever's Failing General Maths or Gettin Shit Marks This is the Place 4 U

    to nerdsforver its VERY easy to get under 50% for general maths its called either a shit teacher (which i dont have) ORRRR jsut not understanding because its pointless shit! you do ext 1 so thats why its so easy 4 u im struggling to get above 50% in trial i got 48% highest in grade was 76% n...
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    hospo trials were harder than half yearlys well obviously cuz they wodnt make it easier lol but i only got 72% coulda been better because of the weighting that was involved but for my assignment i got 1st 29/30 YEAAA lol
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    whoes getten their Certificate II?

    im 1 compentency off i think :S its for soups n sauces excellent lol :p
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    anyone else think this subject sucks?

    hospo is the best subject!!!!!!!!! you do compentencys so practically do nothing you cook and bludge only bad thing bout this subejct that i have experienced was the workplacement! worst time of my life!!!
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    UWS as a uni?

    People talk down UWS because its for the westies but they do jsut as well or they better because i put an application in there:p but theres 5 bonus points involved so i dont see anything wrong with it lol :lol:
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    Textile and design major works

    does anybody know when they come back to your school? or does anybody know when the texstyle is choosen??? jsut curious
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    Graduation Discussion

    Graduation Day Monday - normal classes Tuesday - normal classes Wednesday - period 1 n 2 (double maths ---> last class EVER), rehersal for grad mass on thursday n run through for day liturgy Thursday - breakfast, final yr assembly, liturgy (all girls school so lots of tears), at night...
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    2008 Trials

    yes trials next week :( n still have majors going on atm not looken gud :cold: