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    F*ck you Coles Myer

    I went to the group interview, was told I was successful, then nothing happened for ages so I managed to get in contact with the recruiter. I was told there were no positions available in any of the stores I had nominated to work in. I was told to wait for a position to come up. Well, it's been...
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    Coles Myer Group Interviews

    I had my group interview today. It went really well thanks to everyone's posts in this thread. They asked the exact same questions to what people had talked about earlier on hear so I had answers already worked out and didn't need to think at all. There were only 4 people at my interview and...
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    Answers - Multiple Choice

    OMG, who gives a flying f***, it's worth ONE mark!
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    Stupid Australia scientist thing

    They asked us to describe a practising scientist in earth and environment..only worth 2 marks but still...., so it's very possible that they could ask us in bio as well. Why don't we all make up someone together now, it will be more convincing if heaps of us write about the same made up...
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    last qu. oceanography

    What were we supposed to write for the last qu in oceanography? I had absolutely no idea... it was the qu. "hydrothermal metal deposits can form in ocean environments. In order to locate such deposits a detailed study should be undertaken. This study should include blah blah...?
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    ok cool thanx! send it
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    does anyone have any clear notes covering sylabus point no.7 (relating to ocean sediments etc.). I am confused!! :confused:
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    Speaking Test

    How did ur speaking test go everyone?
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    caring 4 the country ass.

    yeah it can be on soil compaction, or whatever else, u have to make up ur own investigation
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    caring 4 the country ass.

    Has any one been given an assesment which involves doing an open end investigation on anything in the caring for the country syllabus? if u have give me details, i'm in desperate need of inspiration
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    Syllabus points - tectonic impacts

    for the continued research, i think it's something like; at present we can only predict volcanoes and earthquakes hours ahead, which is barely sufficent. Prediction methods are needed that give days of warning. If methods like these were available then the PNG Tsunami wouldn't of been as...
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    Einsicht If anyone is using einsicht, what do u think of it? I personally really don't like it!:chainsaw:
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    half yearly

    I have my half yearly on thursday, it's on tectonic impacts and env. through time, does anyone have any past papers i can do?
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    kommisar rex OK thanx guys... I like that idea of watching tv.....! i guess there's the german news as well, and DW TV is on heaps on that new TV channel (channel 31), although inspector rex is much better than the news
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    ees yeah our teacher gave us that text book but we don't really use it that much, we mainly use info. from handouts he photocopies from another text book, don't know what it is, i read on the board of studies website that only about 1000 people actually do this subject in the whole of nsw...
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    I am absolutely terrible at learning vocab, do u guys have any advice for me? How many vocab words do u try to learn eg. per week? I know we get to use a dictionary but i still think the comprehensions an listening tasks are so much easier if u know vocab.
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    Hey, I'm doing EES too, we have about 10 people in our class, , we've done tectonic impacts and env. through time but we havn't started or decided what electives we'll do yet. HOw do u guys study for this subject? Any adcive?