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    UTS B Design ATAR UAI cut-offs 2012

    Yep I was offered and accepted a B Design-Fash&Tex BA Int Stds Was so suprised! Anyone else doing this course?
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    Multiple choice answers

    Yeah I re-read the question again, and realised I got it wrong :(
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    Multiple choice answers

    I got most of the same, except for Q.2, I got B and Q.8, I got C :)
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    How did everyone find E&E??

    Yeah it wasn't too bad. hmm some of the multiple choice were a little weird, for the stratigraphic sequence one I put (a) and the finch one I put (a) as well what did people do for the first multiple choice question? was it a fold or fault? and also number 3? As for the 7 marker I just put in a...
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    Atar Estimate Please? :)

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could give me an estimate according to my trial marks on what atar I could get, we did the cssa trials by the way. These are the scaled trial marks: English Standard, mark: 86 Rank: 6/60 Earth and Environmental Science, m: 87, r: 3/14 Geography, m: 85...