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  1. jamersonx

    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    ITS ALL FINALLY OVER. Congrats everyone! 93.4 here. Quite surprised, considering I did Art, Drama... ITVET. Ha.
  2. jamersonx

    Got into ARTEXPRESS!

    Congrats!! I just got a letter too, mines going to be at Hazelhurst.
  3. jamersonx

    Information Tech.

    Ah yes. Fair enough.. My knowledge about databases is pretty minimal. Heh.
  4. jamersonx

    Information Tech.

    Umm.. Wouldn't 'State' be the drop-down menu? As there are a set number of States to choose from? Unlike salary, suburb etc which are quite variable. Eh. I put state.
  5. jamersonx

    Information Tech.

    Fuck that was a good exam! Although I have a feeling that the IPT students were at a slight advantage with all that Database crap at the beginning. Section 3 was amazing though.
  6. jamersonx

    Raw mark for a Band 6?

    I'm guessing 88-90?
  7. jamersonx

    How did you go lovelies?

    Yeah, that's a given. lol.
  8. jamersonx

    How did you go lovelies?

    "How could Australian plays you have studied be staged to communicate distinctly Australian values and attitudes?" :)
  9. jamersonx

    How did you go lovelies?

    What did everyone think of the exam? Personally I thought the Aussie theatre and Restoration comedy questions were bloody brillz. Ended up writing 12 pages for each. Its. Almost. Over.
  10. jamersonx

    Whats the deal with Art Express?

    Yeah, there are a number of galleries that participate in art express.
  11. jamersonx

    Whats the deal with Art Express?

    Yeah, I think its safe to say that Art express is only a small portion of the amazing talent and creativity that is out there, even if a work isn't nominated you can still receive a very high mark for it. Personally, don't let the 'competition' get to you, I think art should be about what...
  12. jamersonx

    Whats the deal with Art Express?

    haha, thankyou! Yeah, I'm not sure actually, some people are saying works that were sent back may still have a chance of being selected, others disagree.. I guess we'll find out in the weeks to come!
  13. jamersonx

    Whats the deal with Art Express?

    Wow. These works.. they're absolutely amazing! Mine was held back.. did a series of darkroom/digital photos. These are a couple of the darkroom prints, developed manually, film and all. These were mixed in with a series of digital dawn/dusk landscapes.. Had 28 prints all up. They look...
  14. jamersonx

    Where are all my IT homies at?

    I'm here. Cramming for Drama tomorrow. Recovering from Art (that turned out to be an awesome paper mind you). As for IT. Hopefully my rank + present knowledge will pull me through. How are you feeling? Competent? :P
  15. jamersonx

    Any Onstage nominations for non-performers (IP's)

    Just wondering if anyone's designs/videos/scripts etc were held back for Onstage selection? All ours got sent back :( Drama teacher had a bit of a bitch actually. heh.
  16. jamersonx

    Call Backs.

    Are you sure? Our teacher who was on marking this year told us the opposite.. She basically said if you get 47+/50 your work is held back and considered for Art express... The rest get sent back to the schools.
  17. jamersonx

    The exam!

    Overall, i thought it was an awesome exam. Yeah, section one seemed harder than expected, but was easy once you applied the appropriate frame to each question. Section two! God, i loved the postmodern question, went so well with my Yayoi kusama/Yinka shonibare combo, ended up writing 12 pages...
  18. jamersonx

    is art a bludge

    Totally agree. It is very difficult to get into the High Band 6 range for major works in Art and Drama.. They really require a consistent input of effort throughout the whole year to refine and hopefully achieve a decent mark. And Drama essays.. The analysis of an English essay + the...
  19. jamersonx

    Visual Art HSC : Section 2 Question

    I've only studied 3 artists in-depth. Mind you, last year a kid from our school received full marks for his HSC Visual arts essay using only one artist.. I got full marks in our trial using two..
  20. jamersonx

    IT Trial 2009 marks.

    Wow. Now I'm scared, our trial was extremely difficult... I got 68%, that was first.. 92% after the mark was mapped. Lawl. And this is after constant 90's+ throughout the the year(s). Hopefully we'll get a fair paper on Friday.