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    Exam thoughts??

    Lol people here are predicting 85 raw for b6 cut off :eek2:
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    Exam thoughts??

    Isn't the answer A though. The lift is slowing down but its going upwards as it says top floor of the building. This means as particle is launched, it goes up so the vertical distance lowers and hence it stays in the air for a lower time (relative to when lift was stationary) and hence shorter...
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    Exam thoughts??

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    B6 Raw Mark Cutoffs?

    81 i reckon hopefully its lower tho
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    2 unit paper

    you draw the graph then calculate the areas of both the trianlges?
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    Band 6 cutoff?

    thats not too bad
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    2 unit paper

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    2 unit paper

    You make a very very valid point and I'm pretty sure the calc doesn't round it up to 200,, it actually is 200?
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    Band 6 cutoff?

    93-94 ?
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    Band 6 cutoff?

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    Band 6 cutoff?

    If its 78 :headbang:
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    Area of Study Section 3 Related Materials

    Is it alright if both my related texts are the same text type? My prescribed is a play and I wanted to do two speeches as my related. Is this ok?
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    How many quotes are you doing for AOS essay?

    Are you confident you can answer all rubric points effectively with 16 quotes? I got like 15 or so and they answer like 2 rubric points lol
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    Creative writing stimulus

    What is the likelihood of the stimulus being really specific, such as an exact quote which we need to integrate or a picture which is obnoxious and the story has to be based on it? Or is it more likely to get a question from the rubric such as confronting or unexpected discovery?
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    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

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    Less than 24 hours...

    I feel you brah
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    Less than 24 hours...

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    One character per paragraph?

    I'm doing The Tempest. Is it advisable to only talk about one character in a paragraph or include different characters?
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    Someone please reassure me

    I don't think they can specify because there aren't specific questions for specific prescribed texts (unlike mod b) so it has to be a question which is applicable to all students doing the elective.
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    Using exact answers?

    But isn't using exact answer the more mathematically appropriate thing to do.