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    Im Finished

    in the words of the speech used as a powerplay back in the days of school... " FREEEEEEDDDOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM" oh except for the bit whcih was so shitting...i GOT THE FLU the day before my last exam. so was very sick int eh exam and instead of going out prtying...had to go home to bed :(...
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    Individ And Soc

    ibsen...and went on about how his play was fantaistc and dramatic techniques and characters and paradigms being interwoven. good q!!
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    Individual and Society

    umm wrote about 14 or so. sore hand! plus grrr i came down with the flu the day before so i had to sit the exam and was sooo sick...head pounding and drowsy from the panadol and sore throat and had to blow my nose every 5 minutes...which sucked cuz eng ext was the best exam yet. and to...
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    Hard multiple choice questions ?

    damn. dman. damn did u know hep A and HIV arnet even on the slybus??? so there was no way we should ahve been able to get that answer. grrrrr
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    rate of skill acquisition????????

    damn. i talked about a gymnast getting lost in her floor routine if the performance area is differnt to where she learnt it. oops.
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    Improving performance Question.. - Question 26

    damn u canoddle...i could see that sly grin on ur face as they collected the papers...u have freedom!!! waaah still in chains...only one left though.... that option was evil. i crapped on. alot. big handwriting. barely filled 2 pages! and damn it i am good at pdhpe-top fricken five at my...
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    Multiple CHoice answers

    my teacher got a copy of the exam one hour into it. and when we came out she walked over and went through it with us. and her reaction to the mulitchocie? "that was shocking" there were so many tricky dodgy ones-hepatitus and hiv arent even on the sylabus!!! i think they may be compliaining a...
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    No OTTAWA Charter Question...

    bloody bos. diediedie
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    Bad THings that happened during exams?

    oh poor delta that sounds tragic. hehe try having a fly. that decides u look tasty. and so buzzes round ur head the exam. buzzz. buzzz. and when u try to wack it away it only makes the fly more detereminded to get u. and then u end up looking like an idiot hitting at the air... well that...
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    Best Biology Exam Ever

    tooo easy. which means they will have to mark it really hard to distinguoish between the papers
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    The 2003 HSC exam - The mod's opinion

    ayayay! sop annoying!! there has been throughout the year NOTHING on kidneys or proteitn syntheisis. nothing. zero. our shcool papers did not ask u any questions and neither did the HSC-thats two topics i could have completly skipped!! and there was serious lack of challenge in that...
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    Did I just sit a Bio exam?

    damn not unfair that u can leave early! i finsihed in an hour and half. and sat there. and cleaned my nails. and plaited my hair. and then plaited the string i used to tie my booklets to gehter with. and doodled on the options booklet. i went to the toilet and was making paper airplanes out of...
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    Stuuuupid Exam

    whoppsys...was that a bio exam? and there i was, crapping on about PDHPE and health being dynamic and a social construct. oh gee. my bad! no seriously it was a bit of a bullshit and go well. so airy fairy. nothing on those damn kidneys. or infectious diseases. or protein syntheisis. i did the...
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    Question about gathering information on the option topics

    yeah. random question!! but easy to bullshit!! ahh good exam *sighs happily as she tears up all her notes on bio*
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    The Individual and Society

    damn the lot of u! soo not fair!! we had to do n&s (officailly one of the crappest book ever) browning (who rocks) and dolls house (go nora) hehe why oh why did i do eng ext?? and u got to pick ur tocpis?? no way! ours was none optional-i&s or death. and offense to the p&p pep squad but...
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    The Individual and Society- Placing Bets for the 7th!

    ohh geez i hate trying to predict exams!! i am soo screwed for i&S. its all a load of bull anyhow!! as if the composer woke up one morning and went "hmm i am disgruntled by the world. i will compose a text being sure to interweave religious, economic, scientific and philisophical paradigmsn...
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    australia's health care system

    wow. i love u. u rock. come teach at my school!!!
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    Health of Young

    nah noone has notes...just learn the slyabus and crap on. the options are soo gay!! you ahve to learn soo much for one 20 mark question!! ahhhh!!! *brain explodes from stress overload*
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    A Tip for the Exam....

    heheh know the sylabus well was a lesson most ppl got in trials when the entire exams was on funding for health care...we are talking 50 marks (long answer q) about justifying it, and how funding is allocated...all this stuff. and those who hadnt learnt sylabus were screwed magorly.
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    8 mark question

    i was permian as well-and for the analyse bit i siad that yes the vulcanism did affect it alot but also there was a oceanic transgression regression and creation of an anoixic environment and that the vocanoe did impact greatly but that the other factos also contributed to the death of 95% of...