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    Exam Thoughts

    wait, do you remember what multiple choice you put for the question about how to identify whether it was a roman colony?
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    Copy of the exam?

    the question for the after the bomb and romanticist section was: "I think a writer's job is to provoke questions. I like to think that if someone's read a book of mine, they've had--I don't know what--the literary equivalent of a shower. Something that would start them thinking in a slightly...
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    Modern History 2017 HSC exam thoughts

    i didn't put german disillusionment :(
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    Exam Thoughts

    You have the exact same multiple choice as me except for 5 i put the concept of honour Generally, for me it was the only 'hard' section in the paper Good luck to you to :) :)
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    2017ers Chit-Chat Thread

    GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! I can't believe it's so soon... :O
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    Yeats 2017 HSC

    Hey guys, does anyone know what poems they have specified for Yeats in the HSC? e.g. Easter 1916-2016
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    Topic sentence Help!

    Hey guys, I am writing an essay on To what extent does history present us with a balanced interpretation of Ho? but i am struggling to write a topic sentence on how historians question whether ho was a nationalist or communist i basically want to say a majority say he was a nationalist...
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    Thesis help!

    Hey guys, how would you answer this question? “Freedom is at the heart of After the Bomb. Yet control is also crucial.” Write an essay in which you evaluate the extent to which this is true with reference to TWO prescribed texts AND at least TWO texts of your own choosing.
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    Nursing at usyd - questions

    Are you doing nursing now? because I am in the exact same position as you were once. How did you find it :)? detail would be great :) :)
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    Ideas breakdown

    Hey Guys, I'd be so grateful if you could help me :) I've finished brainstorming all the questions below but it'd be great if I could get extra or unique insights from you guys on what I should include in my response or how I should approach my thesis. 1. To what extent has your...
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    Viva voce

    Fair enough, but was my save good or bad?
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    Viva voce

    Hey guys, I did my Viva Voice today and it went well but towards the end my teacher said: "I'm just asking for clarity...." me: *oh no* (in my head) Teacher: "Are you saying that Alzhiemer's disease causes you to lose your identity or keep your identity regardless because I think you're...
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    Reflections on PIP progress exam

    Hey guys, In my upcoming exam I am expected to reflect upon the progress of my Pip...what kind of questions should I expect?
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    Not sure what I'm going to do with my life

    Not all kids cause trouble. To be honest, in any workplace you go to...logically, there will always be trouble.
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    Not sure what I'm going to do with my life

    I suggest that you become a maths teacher and maybe at the school where you get the job you can suggest to be a welfare teacher. In this way, students will be able to relay you their concerns (sort of like psychology) This way, you get the both of best worlds.
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    ATB CREATIVE (Faced with Writer's Block)

    What is a unique, interesting perspective that I should examine through my story....I literally have not done anything because I don't know what to do.