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    How to know if North or South on a solenoid? (solenoid rule)

    Remember if the current in the coil is clockwise it is a North!!! Anticlockwise is South!n
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    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    i thought it said 'prove it is a double root', so i showed that the derivative could equal zero. will i get some marks?
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    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    you have a special brain
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    Carrotsticks' 2016 HSC MX2 Solutions

    i work there haha
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    Mathematics Extension 2 - 2016 Post-HSC Exam Thoughts

    this was so hard wtf yall think it was easy ? how looking at about 55% raw what will this come back as a hsc mark as? i skipped almost all of 16 and 15
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    2016 exam solutions

    No I wish, these are an engineering teacher who does them most years, 100%
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    2016 exam solutions
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    Best past paper

    Any good past papers to best prepare for tomorrow ?! Not too easy not too hard, had style
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    Q16 2016 Paper Predictions

    I am desperately hoping for a mechanics question , I can never do summations ugh
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    Exam thoughts

    In atar calculators do I put the raw mark in, or the mark you gave me ie ~76
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    Exam thoughts

    Really !? That high I was thinking 72 lol
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    Exam thoughts

    What will 65 raw align to?
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    Exam thoughts

    So, how does everyone think they went and what mark do you think you got?
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    2016ers Chit-Chat Thread

    I memerised a 6 page essay but I'm screwed if the question doesn't includes the key words 'conflict, responses, or confrontation' rip What's the max mark I can get not answering the question ?
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    Curiosity and wonder in Away
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    Is it too late to start trying ?

    Like, are you sure they allow cooking recipes for transistions , like I guess I see it working, like thanks man !
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    Atar estimate please

    80+ easy