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  1. cyniczny

    Are you allowed to use non-copyrighted pictures or photographs in your major work?

    i'm relatively sure you are, but i'm guessing you'd have to reference them. check with your teacher and see what they say. i drew my own diagrams in mine, so i believe if the picture is your own you'll be fine.
  2. cyniczny

    for those who got 99+ what did your study pattern look like

    tbh my studying wasn't very structured at all. i did almost all essay subjects and for those the main thing was scaffold and practice essays, rinse and repeat. make sure you have a solid idea of what you would write for each possible question or topic. i didn't really have a set study schedule...
  3. cyniczny

    eliot paragraphs for each poem

    this document contains one paragraph for each individual poem for eliot, and an additional synthesis paragraph per poem comparing it with journey of the magi. got full marks for the internal mod B assessment and 94 external in adv, hopefully these can be of use!
  4. cyniczny

    complete (i think) crime notes

    full set of crime notes for legal. received 97 external, and got full marks in multiple choice + crime essay in trial exam. alongside using the notes i'd recommend creating scaffolds for each issue you want to talk about in your essays - feel free to pm me if you'd like any sample essays etc.!
  5. cyniczny

    Critique of the Creative Process - 15/15

    feel free to use this as a starting point for your own critiques. pm me if you'd like a copy of my lit review (19/20) or my major work and/or reflection (47/50 external, 1st internal)!
  6. cyniczny

    hsc credentials download

    anyone else unable to download their hsc credentials off students online yet? there's no button to generate the pdf for me
  7. cyniczny

    ATAR results/reveal thread

    anyone else get an email from usyd about the info day that included a ticket to visit the scholars' lounge?
  8. cyniczny

    ATAR results/reveal thread

    i got a bit lower than uac's atar calculator but still above 99 so made it in the end!!! super happy
  9. cyniczny

    ATAR results/reveal thread

    eng adv 95 ext 1 48 ext 2 48 legal 97 french beg. 100 polish 97 bro that's so much better than i thought especially for ext 1 holy omg
  10. cyniczny

    ATAR results/reveal thread

    ours didn't bother LMAO we have a thing in jan/feb though
  11. cyniczny

    ATAR results/reveal thread

    yeah same i'm not as anxious as i thought i'd be but i'm definitely interested to see my results. scared asf for polish especially bc the scaling is so variable
  12. cyniczny

    ATAR results/reveal thread

    literally went down as i was about to give into temptation and check mine. seething
  13. cyniczny

    HSC Maths Exam Gets an F for Failing Our Students

    I think you're right in saying that 'something only has meaning when you give it meaning'. But that line of argument, which you use to disparage arts, can equally be used to disparage STEM subjects, capitalistic systems, etc. Without societies having created these sorts of systems that...
  14. cyniczny

    Extension 1 English Predictions

    i came out of the exam kinda panicking cause i didn't get near the end of the booklet, our head of english was like 'as long as you got to around 7 pages you'll be fine" so that was a relief
  15. cyniczny

    Extension 1 English Predictions

    25 marks felt like way too much and i don't think i properly adhered to the stimulus :,) but the electives question was actually pretty nice, at least for homelands
  16. cyniczny

    Extension 1 English Predictions

    yeah same our school made us do two relateds for our assessment so i have vague knowledge of another, but i would not be able to confidently recall much of my paragraph lmao
  17. cyniczny

    Extension 1 English Predictions

    here again to say i might actually implode if they ask for two relateds, i should not have left memorising my essay skeleton this late
  18. cyniczny


    if it helps i wrote three paras for crime and the options and did really well in trials - i think it's less about quantity and more about quality/how well you answer the question :)
  19. cyniczny

    apparently is math becoming compulsory in 2026

    that's fair, i'm definitely not a fan of the US system at all. i do however like that in the UK, their version of UAC requires you to submit a personal statement explaining why you'd like to study the subject that you're applying for. it's a lot less sappy + makes more sense than US college...
  20. cyniczny

    apparently is math becoming compulsory in 2026

    kinda wish the hsc worked like a-levels in the uk where you pick three or four subjects, none are compulsory, and unis make you offers based on how many of a certain grade you get (like 3 a's). each subject is still scaled for difficulty ofc but the process isn't nearly as all-encompassing as...