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    Industrial Chemistry.

    it was at 2000 degress. K was 2450 i think. oh and they gave u the equation for K The last 7 marker was kinda tricky. ANd the modelling was hard, apparently we were supposed to use the decomposition of nahco3 into h2, n2 and na2co3.
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    What are you going to do the moment you finish your HSC ?

    thats what they all say, but then again...
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    Industrial Chemistry.

    yes that was bs. Farrr I wish i did something easier like shipwrecks or forensic chem
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    Multiple Choice

    our teacher talked about IUPAC. Its basically alphabetical so chloro b4 fluoro
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    Band 6 Cut-off estimations?

    becos its enviromental impacts. Obviously dry cells/silver button cells dont pollute at all (except for a teensy bit of zinc), so I made up some bs.
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    What did people get for the mercury question?

    0.228 ---> 0.23 u use the graph to get 0.17mg/L then convert to mg/kg (since volume wass 0.025L and mass 0.018 or something)
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    Illness/Misadventure - Death Of A Family Friend

    dont think so. Unless its an immediate family member, your better off completing our exams. Even though things seem hard atm, just bear with it for a little while longer.
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    Impact of DET laptops

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see. If this 'education revolution' doesn't work, labour government is gonna get destroyed in the next election.
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    Impact of DET laptops

    hmm.. im just saying, since most of our grade has used these laptops to take down notes, email essays and keep track of work. I know its improved my study a lot, since I can browse past papers, online notes and read pdfs (i didnt have a laptop b4 then). Sure most ppl bludge around on them, but...
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    Impact of DET laptops

    This is the first year where we will see the effects of the DET laptops towards our education. Since our ATAR is based on percentile and the DET laptops generally improve our studying (read notes, type essays etc.), our nationwide average may go up for most subjects. This means our overall ATAR...
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    WTF? Books??

    'Physics in focus' is by far the best physics textbook out there. For past papers, buy 'Success one physics'.
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    whats the point of a phd in medsci?

    whats the point of a phd in medsci?
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    Raw marks estimate and b5/b6 cut-off.

    to get band 6 you should be in the 91/92 percentile for physics. Top 8% should be 77+
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    raw mark

    generator question lost 1 mark, tower question lost 2 marks, accuracy question lost 1 mark, projectile lost 1 mark, maybe 5 marks for sillies, looking at ~90. What would that scale to?
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    That tower question

    stop killing my hope
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    General Thoughts: Physics

    yeh.... i understand, that makes it slightly trickier then
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    transmission question

    oh shit
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    transmission question

    wut, remember, 1 million watts in an MW and 1000 watts in a kW Energy loss in superconducting wire = 3kW x 100 = 300kW = 300000 W Energy input = 100 MW = 100000000 W Efficiency of C = (1 - (300000/100000000)) x 100% = 99.7% therefore efficiency of C is 99.7% while B is 98.4%, therefore C is...
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    General Thoughts: Physics

    pretty sure the projectile stopped when it reached delta y
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    either A or B cant be c,d (doesnt make sense logically)