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  1. kashkow

    von Braun's contribution.

    If you need other info about von braun here is some stuff I had: - Led a german team and developed the Vergeltungswaffe (V)2 Rocket which I believe was the first man-made object that reached "space" * you may need to double check on this fact though * + Used extensively with american and soviet...
  2. kashkow

    lenz law help

    Hmmm I would say it slows momentarily. Basically as it approaches the ring, the current will produce a magnetic field that repels the magnet. Then as it leaves the ring the currents reverse and will be set up to create a magnetic field that attracts the magnet. The effect is that the magnet...
  3. kashkow

    Exam thoughts??

  4. kashkow

    Exam thoughts??

    Man I completely missed in the exam that magnetic fields only exert a force on moving particles... There goes a mark in the MC for me. :( And to all those who think it's ambiguous I'm pretty sure it is C. Note that it's asking for the force at this particular INSTANT, where the particle is...
  5. kashkow

    Exam thoughts??

    What were people's MC answers? These were mine: 1. D 2. C 3. A 4. A 5. D 6. D 7. B 8. D 9. A (had put B at first, changed to A... Not to sure between two) 10. C 11. B 12. B 13. B 14. B (lol so many B's) 15. C 16. B 17. C 18. C 19. A 20. B What did you guys get?
  6. kashkow

    2016 Physics Exam

    Here is the paper uploaded by BOSTES: :)
  7. kashkow

    Exam thoughts??

    Oh wow, BOSTES put up the paper... It seems earlier, as from memory other exams took about a day to appear. Must have been just then because I remember checking earlier this afternoon and it not being there... Unless I missed it before...
  8. kashkow

    Exam thoughts??

    that's probably right. I can't remember the exact figure but could probably quickly work it out again now... basically what I did was (that is after a while - was using wrong formula to begin with then left the question and came back in the end): qvB=Eq vB=10 B=10/v and I think v was like...
  9. kashkow

    Exam thoughts??

    Yeah I kept getting confused with this question with all the right hand rules and stuff... I think this was my method in the end: x x x x x x x x (e)---> x x x x this is the ELECTRIC field into the page and the electron. Rotating everything upwards you get ^ ^ ^ ^ | | | | (e)--->...
  10. kashkow

    Exam thoughts??

    Something like up the page and for magnitude something like 1.5 * 10 ^-4 T
  11. kashkow

    Exam thoughts??

    Was it just me or was questions like 10-18 either B or C? lol
  12. kashkow

    2015 HSC Q18 Physics HSC ???

    I think general consensus is that question was wrong. I don't really understand how that mistake made it through (unless it was a typographical error on the published mg) since it seems pretty obvious that it is B. Anyway here's two links concerning your question...
  13. kashkow

    Business Studies Exam Thoughts

    Like for the first ten questions I was doing okay and then the next ten I wrote asterisks next to like 7 or something to indicate to come back and check (cuz I wasn't too sure). Lol
  14. kashkow

    Business Studies Exam Thoughts

    Unit trust sounds like a really familiar term... I think for that one I guessed it was either C or D (but put down C). That is I think it is where investors pool money to buy property or something?? What did you guys do for that one?
  15. kashkow

    Business Studies Exam Thoughts

    Alright paper. I'm hungry.
  16. kashkow

    Mathematics Extension 1 Exam Thoughts

    This was me as well!!! In reading time I was thinking these questions aren't so bad and thought the paper would be easy. Then when I did them they became a lot harder... Like the question about proving the curves are perpendicular? It threw me off so that I started solving simultaenous equations...
  17. kashkow

    2 unit paper

    Oh LOL. I split them up and tried integrating both triangles. Haha. Well I thought I finished the test but then I looked at 16. a) iv) and realised I might've skipped that question entirely :O. Can't remember doing it :(
  18. kashkow

    2016 exam solutions

    Thanks for this. Did you make these or someone else?
  19. kashkow

    Is everyone ready?!?

    Probably practice questions, especially the harder geometry ones (I struggle with some of those)
  20. kashkow

    Thoughts for this years paper?

    Haha so maybe it'll balance out :P Though I feel like the 1 markers and stuff don't make up much of the paper, so it's not like they have much to replace in the first place. And also they already have quite a bit of application questions so I'm not sure if the difficulty would actually increase...