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    The UNSW Scaling Thread

    Can confirm a lot of these except: - MMAN2600 definitely has some scaling up, as I got a final mark of 100 despite losing 1.5 marks throughout the semester from midsession tests. - MMAN2700 doesnt have any scaling in the top range as I know for a fact I got full marks in the final, and was...
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    Post your results and wam thread (s2/14)

    Same thing happened to me in 1st year, engg1000 made my wam so difficult to lift, worst course for me but all my mates thought it was an easy HD (they didnt do elec project tho lol -.-)
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    Post your results and wam thread (s2/14)

    haha didnt expect it at all. Easiest two subjects were my lowest marks :S
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    Post your results and wam thread (s2/14)

    T2 BIOM9420 Clinical Laboratory Science......82 DN T2 ELEC1111 Elec & Telecomm Eng..............83 DN T2 MMAN2300 Engineering Mechanics 2..........85 HD T2 MMAN2600 Fluid Mechanics.................100 HD ======================================================== Term WAM...
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    Post your results and wam thread (s2/14)

    Does yours say youve passed all this semesters UOC?? they might not have finished marking ur subjects..
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    Post your results and wam thread (s2/14)

    Mine seems very similar to what I thought I'd get based on how my exams went/what i was sitting on before finals. Seems legit!
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    Release of Semester1 2013 Results

    T1 BABS1201 Molecules, Cells and Genes.......80 DN T1 ENGG1000 Engineering Design...............69 CR T1 MATH1141 Higher Mathematics 1A............76 DN T1 PHYS1121 Physics 1A.......................96 HD Stupid ENGG1000 :'( :L
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    PHYS1121 Exam Marks

    I have been doing a shitload of past exams for Phys1121 for the exam tomorrow but can't really tell where I'm at. Does anyone know the approximate raw marks for HD, D, Cr, P etc ???
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    First Year Guide to Picking Electives

    Hi guys, was just wondering about the recommended electives in the UNSW handbook... how important is it to do electives that are recommended? I am in Mech Eng. and MATS is a recommended elective for me.. does it matter if I choose something like engineering in medicine instead that has no...
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    Identifying a convergent/divergent series

    This is HSC stuff...!? :S
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    General discussion of PDHPE

    Core 1 sucks balls lol!!
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    Maths Ext 1

    I found maths in focus was reeeally good when used in conjunction with past papers!! I found it had the most relevant question types for hwk practice (however i used fitzpatrick for one or two exercises)...
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    General discussion of PDHPE

    Sorry, assessments were on CVD/mental healtj disorders (detailed 70 page assessment to cover relevant dotpoint) and one was a training program as part of the imp. performance option... and thqnks a lot! :)
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    Chemistry Questions

    Re: Quick question Yeh Omed62's info is same as mine... i didnt get it from a textbook, our chem teacher went through each form of radiation with us in class and clarified with a US documentary...
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    Chemistry Questions

    Re: Quick question Coz check the periodic table, the stable atomic mass is approx. 127. Therefore I-120 is neutron deficient as the mass is lower. Neutron deficitent particles undergo beta-PLUS decay to convert proton to neutron and positron, NOT beta decay.... At least, I think this is the...
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    UNSW Roll Call 2013

    Mechanical Engineering 1st year :)
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    I updated my raw marks thread with section breakdown.. Please keep me updated with the database :)

    I updated my raw marks thread with section breakdown.. Please keep me updated with the database :)
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    Peter-PF7's Raw Marks

    I agree 100%! 'twas too easy IMO but therefore the aligning was probs as bad as it possibly could have been, otherwise silly mistakes would have too much of an impact on differentiating the top students (I think it did anyway tho -.-)...
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    CORE 1 Assignment on CVD URGENTTTT !!!

    Hey I had a similar sort of assessment last year on CVD which I got full marks in, I'll have a look through it and post on here anything that might be relevant for you :)