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  1. Frostguard

    Can I ace HSC Modern History by self studies only?

    Yeah, you definitely can!! Use your passion for history and you will surely do well!! Modern History is mainly rote-learning, so long as you remember the dates and details whilst knowing how to use evaluative language and knowing how to effectively address the focus directive term in the...
  2. Frostguard

    failed my first hsc task :-(

    You go to a highly ranked school which usually means your assessment tasks are a bit more difficult, in saying that if you know that you are behind, you just gotta put your head down study hard and maybe you can achieve your Band 6 goal for Biology. I was trash at biology (imfao legit was...
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    Which Psychology course??

    Hi everyone!!! So I'm in a bit of a dilemma, I'm currently enrolled in B of Psychological Science (majoring in Neuroscience) at UNSW but I received an offer for B of Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie Uni. My biggest deal breaker is that apparently MQ is better for Psychology in general...
  4. Frostguard

    Year 11 Schoolwork Organisation

    Personally I used books for high school, binders though are for greater organisation because I just chucked all my sheets in my books, ain't nobody got time for gluing them in. A mixture of both books and folders are good- although I never used folders, wasn't my own personal preference but yeah...
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    Is it worth double majoring in Psych + Neuro?

    No wayyy legit everything you said is something I completely agree with- Honestly I picked psych sci and neuro simply because I wasn't interested in any major and that people told me that is was difficult in choosing to major in Criminology (which is the only other major I was interested in, but...
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    2018 HSC+ATAR results discussion Thread

    Personally from what I've read- UNSW Psychology (Honours)- bigger emphasis on Psych, not much freedom/electives, but as long as you maintain 75% you can get into Hons UNSW Psychological Science- emphasis on Psych, but have options/majors (neuro, vision, HRM, philoso, eg), if you maintain 75% can...
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    Solid getting PTSD since that was in years hsc Eco exam imao When I saw this question I just defined globalisation and then referenced the indicators of globalisation that is- International trade of goods and services, financial flows, investment and TNCS, technology and ICT and migration of...
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    lOw wAGe gRoWtH :o
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    I think it depends on your school to be honest - mine has a stricter focus on assessment completion rather than attendance but above minimal 70% is ok, excluding partial absences or lateness but yeah just don't come late or be away the day before an assessment or they might catch up and see that...
  10. Frostguard

    Modern History Essay Predictions

    Imao @ my guesses
  11. Frostguard

    Exam thoughts?

    Imao all these years they asked for three significant events which shaped our personality and BAM ' DESCRIBE THREE IDEAS AND/OR INDIVIDUALS who shaped your personality ' like the heck how am I supposed to regurgitate my prepared essay NESA :haha: Multiple choice for WW1 was not easy in my...
  12. Frostguard

    Modern History Essay Predictions

    ai yaaaa so much modern content :confused2: for wwi i did a quick check- 2017- Allied victory & German collapse 1918 2016- Impact of war on women's lives and experiences in Britain 2015- Attitudes to a quick victory on the Western Front 2014- Nature of trench warfare 2013- Impact of total war on...
  13. Frostguard

    Hissssstory Extension

    How was it boys and girls??? Personally didn't find it too hard - wrote 17 pages ya yeet Q1- they literally gave us the issues lol subjectivity film history politit's in history, I hope I did alright Q2- started this question with 50 minutes (spent 1 hr 10 mins on section 1 and I started...
  14. Frostguard

    HSC Legal Studies Exam Thoughts

    Yeah I chose 'serious crime' too - I think it was in a past multiple choice paper or something but that Dietrich v Queen established the 'limited' right to legal representation/legal aid especially if there is an injustice likely to occur and in the most serious of crimes like the others have...
  15. Frostguard

    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    damn i guess we're the guinea pigs then they're using next year's syllabus on us :frown2: oh yeah and what did you guys put for the first question? the lizard basking in the sun? the only thing i've learnt from bio multiple choice is that you choose the most straightforward answer so i picked -'...
  16. Frostguard

    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    Not gonna lie when I saw that question I was like ' what is this question asking me to do??? ' rip I'm such a mess at Bio haha
  17. Frostguard

    HSC Biology Exam [Discussion]

    I DREW THE WRONG LENS OMG HAHAHAHAHA checked over my notes I drew the lens for hyperopia the one that looks like an oval instead of the one that looks like an hourglass omg
  18. Frostguard

    HSC Legal Studies Exam Thoughts

    Yeah pretty much what everyone else thought - Multiple Choice questions were a bit unexpected and aimed to trick us eg that question on the legal representation one? that was for most serious crimes right? Human rights was aight - god bless i studied separation of powers 4 questions tho and the...
  19. Frostguard

    am i the only person schitzing so hard for legal

    Hey man, don’t worry everyone is stressing for legal since it’s the first exam back from the weekend, but I’m not sure why people are saying it’ll be hard this year?? The syllabus isn’t changing for Legal Studies (thank god we can sell our legal notes lol), it’s unrealistic to remember each LCMS...