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  1. Cyberbully

    Coop Interview
  2. Cyberbully

    Computer Science/Law?

    my question is how are you trying to combine law and computer science (career wise)?
  3. Cyberbully

    Release of Semester1 2013 Results

    it's a bit confusing what my year is, but my id is 336xxxx
  4. Cyberbully

    B.Commerce/B.Laws: Transferring, WAM and employment opportunities

    Re: How hard is to get a job with these specs. guys just a troll
  5. Cyberbully

    What exactly is up with that?

    Email Francy Fan, and she'll enrol you, abracadabra.
  6. Cyberbully

    Easy WAM boosters?

    GENS4015, provided you know how to hyperlink things whenever you can.
  7. Cyberbully

    Hi, help me? Network Security

    Unsw. Comp9447.
  8. Cyberbully

    Is UMAT tutoring needed?

    tbh, i did UMAT prep with's not worth those two days. the resources are better. just practice and reflect on your mistakes - it's actually all you need. wasting > $100 on umat is a...waste here's some shameless advertising
  9. Cyberbully it bad to miss them?

    the smh paper with uac offers did
  10. Cyberbully

    Making friends skadooshhh
  11. Cyberbully

    Making friends edit: congratulations on the most talked on thread in UNSW computing methinks double edit: on the front page
  12. Cyberbully

    Making friends

    it's not there. and only if you're honey boo boo.
  13. Cyberbully

    Making friends

    pm me your fb ;) /notcyberbullying
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    Making friends

    computer science is the dark side. we can totally, like, hack facebook after graduation yeah, she knows me to be a beautiful girl in real life. hope to go all of them but work may restrict me - we'll see. pop by and say hi :D
  15. Cyberbully

    Making friends Yes.