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    DE and vector question

    Thanks it helped. What about the other question? I'm still kinda confused lol
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    DE and vector question

    How would you do these?
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    projection question

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    sketching emf vs time graph

    How would you sketch the graph? Usually for motors or generators i sketch a flux vs time graph then take the negative derivative but idk how to do that with this example..
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    induction inequality question

    how would you do 7b? idk how to use the induction hypothesis to get anywhere
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    Tension in UCM

    Fc is a fancy way of expressing the net force. At the bottom, there is weight force (Fg) downwards and tension (Ft) upwards. Hence Fc = Ft - Fg. Thus, Ft = Fc + Fg. At the top, the net force (Fc) is Fg + Ft as both are in the same direction. Hence Fc = Fg + Ft. Thus, Ft = Fc - Fg. You're...
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    proofs 4U

    also 14c i) and ii) xD. im stuck for i) asI expanded (a+b)^3 >= 0 but idk from there
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    proofs 4U

    How would you do d(ii)?
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    proofs 4u

    How would u do these 2 qurstions? Agagin idk where to start
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    proofs 4u

    Why must n be divisible by 2 if n^2 is divisible by 2? Also, does this apply to irrational numbers and variables? I.e. if n^2 is divisible by p then n must be divisible by p.
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    concentration geaph (M5)

    wdym not reflective of the graph? Like should decrease in concentration drop harder for Z in c or something?
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    concentration geaph (M5)

    Answer is D but why can't it be C?
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    How would you do both these questions? I don't know where to start
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    Converting to cartesian form.

    Thank you! it did
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    Converting to cartesian form.

    For a and b, I try to modulus both sides and then substitute but get back where I started. How would you do these types of questions?
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    Circle of intersection of two spheres.

    Unsure how to word part a and for part b, I don't know where to start kinda. I tried to substitute and other methods but got nowhere
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    dot product question

    Just not sure where to start. I wrote out equations where i let a and b be some arbitrary vector and got nowhere.
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    3D vector question.

    I've tried to brute force it by distance formula, properties of a parallelogram and finding each point separately and got no success. Would there be a more elegant way of solving this question? Thanks :)
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    Thank you! this rlly helped and now my brain isn't fried :)