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  1. Coookies

    Do we need Government policies??

    Particularly in topic 3, do we need to know the government policies? It's not on the syllabus, Im not sure if its because its changed or its implied that we need to know it...
  2. Coookies

    What ranks do I need?

    So approx what ranks would I be looking at to get 85+? English Adv /118 (top 20 is really smart) Maths Adv /123 (top 30 is really smart) Economics /45 (top 10 is really smart) Biology /82 (top 10 is really smart) Chemistry /76 (top 15 is really smart) School rank: ~200 Thanks :)
  3. Coookies


    So when a question asks for "genotype", do I write for example: homozygous or Bb?
  4. Coookies

    Integration of log

    6. Find the exact area between curve y=1/x, x-axis and lines y=x and x=2 in first quadrant. 9. Find volume of solid formed when curve y=2/sqrt(2x-1) is rotated about x-axis from x=1 to x=5 10. Find area between curve y=lnx, y-axis and lines y=2 and y=4 11. Find exact volume of solid formed...
  5. Coookies

    Differentiating Logs

    r) x^3loge(x+1) s) loge(logex) t) lnx/x-2 Thanks!!!
  6. Coookies

    Simple log question - need help!

    This is from cambridge, how do I fill in the values? This sounds really stupid but isn't the log button on the calculator for base 10? So do I have to convert this manually?
  7. Coookies


    2. Could be b or c because I read somewhere that producing healthy young is also survival of the fittest 5. is b or d, not sure... And I don't know about 3 or 6 Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  8. Coookies

    Random Maths Questions!

    So I'm revising.... How do you differentiate y=-3/x to y''? I need to know the steps! :D
  9. Coookies

    Belonging ideas/issues

    On my exam notification it says to "Discuss your understanding of the concept of Belonging and the ideas/issues associated with this concept", what does it mean by ideas/issues?
  10. Coookies

    Year 11 definitions

    So my prelim knowledge has a lot of holes and if I don't fill up these holes, they will hurt me severely in the HSC. Can someone tell me the differences in dispersion forces, hydrogen bonding, ionic bonding etc (Theres a lot more but I can't think of any, if you know any more important ones...
  11. Coookies


    What does it mean when it says turns red litmus blue or blue litmus red?
  12. Coookies


    Consider the function f(x). If f(0) = 0, f '(x)>0 and f ''(x)<0, make a neat sketch of f(x) near x=0 Im not good at this stuff. Is this just a parabola with vertex (0,0)? It says "near x=0" so Im not sure
  13. Coookies

    A few integration problems..

    This is from Maths in focus Areas enclosed by x-axis Q 19. Find the area bounded by the curve y=sqrt(4-x^2), the x-axis and the y-axis in the first quadrant Areas enclosed by the y-axis Q5. Find the area bounded by the line y=2x+1, the y-axis and the lines y=3 and y=4 Q9. Find the area...
  14. Coookies

    Difference between literary techniques and rhetorical devices?

    Is there much difference in the 2?
  15. Coookies

    Need help on Probability Question!

    Abdallah buys 4 tickets in a raffle in which 100 tickets are sold altogether. There are 2 prizes in the raffle. Find the probability that Abdallah will win c) one prize Thanks!
  16. Coookies

    Can I get bonus points?

    So my Mum is pregnant, and the baby is due near the end of september (right near HSC period), would I be allowed to apply for bonus points? If so, where do I go?
  17. Coookies

    ATAR estimate please!

    These are my first assessment tasks' marks, things are not looking good for me :/ Chemistry - 90% (Pretty easy test though) Biology - 54% (Hard test) Maths - 65% Economics - 65% English - 40% (lots of people did bad though...) School rank: 290 in 2010
  18. Coookies

    18 years older than sibling?

    Anyone have this? Whats it like? We have a new baby coming along just before HSC period. fml. :spzz:
  19. Coookies

    Is there any science related courses that don't need UMAT?

    ^ Just wondering... Im not too keen on doing UMAT.
  20. Coookies

    How hard is it to get a Band 6?

    As title... Like how much work are we looking at?