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    Billy Elliot

    What is the name of the song when Billy dances to dad, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH8HV5gXQB4 ?
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    Advance Mechanics Question

    A bag of salt was projected vertically upwards from a height of 1 and remains in the air for 6.1 s. (a) What speed was the bag thrown at, and (b) What was the distance the bag travelled before returning to the height of 1 m?
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    General Solutionfor Trig Equations HSC 3U

    Find the general solution for: Q1: sin x + cos x = 1 Q2: √3 cosx - sinx = 1 Thanks!
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    Polynomial/roots question [Mathematics Preliminary Extension 1]

    The equation x3-bx2+cx-d = 0, where d>0, has roots α, ß and αß. Show that (c+d)2 = (b+1)2d. New to forums and not sure if this is how things are done. Sorry in advance! And thanks!