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  1. the-derivative

    FINS1613/LAWS1052/MGMT1001 - UNSW Commerce/Law Textbooks

    Hi Guys, Selling the following textbooks. Please note, all my textbooks are in excellent condition, unless specified otherwise. FINS1613 - Essentials of Corporate Finance + PV Tables $80.00 (RRP: $124.95) Note - confirmed by the lecturer that this edition can still be used MGMT1001 -...
  2. the-derivative

    Trials & Final HSC Exams coming up? Last minute Business Studies & Maths Tutoring!

    Hey guys, My name is Nathan and I'm offering intensive tutoring for those who need a little extra help just before the exams. Unlike my normal tuition, this will be focused on the exam! That means past papers & examination techniques and tricks! I will show you the trends of the past...
  3. the-derivative

    Cheap 1st Year Commerce Textbooks! - ECON1101/ECON1203

    I'm currently selling the following textbooks: Title: Principles of Microeconomics 2ED Author: Frank Jennings & Bernanke Publisher: MCGRAW-HILL Edition: 2E08 RRP: $114.95 My Price - $65 Condition - Excellent, No Highlighting or Writing. Bought brand new! Barely used! Title...
  4. the-derivative

    Semester 2 - Should I do FINS1612 with FINS1613

    Hey guys, I'm currently a first year commerce/law student, and I was wondering whether I should do FINS1612 and FINS1613 next semester. I'm leaning towards doing a finance major and apparently it's easier if you do both subjects simultaneously. Also next semester I have to do torts and MGMT...
  5. the-derivative

    WTB: UNSW Foundations of Law Textbooks

    Hey Guys, I'm looking to purchase the following: - Law and Justice In Australia Foundations Of The Legal System - Australian Law Dictionary OR Butterworths Concise Australian Legal Dictionary 3ED If anyone is selling these, could they please PM me with the price they're asking for...
  6. the-derivative

    Timetabling - Slight variations to the course plan

    Hey guys, I'm a Commerce/Law first year student and according to my course plan I need to do ECON1202 in Semester 1 and ECON1203 in Semester 2. Since ECON1202 is no longer a pre-requisite for ECON1203, do you guys think it would be ok if I did ECON1203 in Semester 1 and ECON1202 in...
  7. the-derivative

    Comm/Law - Quant Methods

    Hello, I was doing my timetable and I accidently typed in ECON1203 (Quant Methods B). Since I'm a first year, would I have had to have done Quant Methods A first as a pre-requisite? Or can I interchange and do B first?
  8. the-derivative

    Which Major?

    What do you guys think would be the best Commerce Major to do with a BComm/LLB?
  9. the-derivative

    Yet another UNSW vs USyd Thread.

    Hey guys! Like so many before me, I'm stuck on whether to put USyd or UNSW Law as my first preference (I'm planning on studying BCommerce/LLB). I've been notified by both universities about my bonus points, so I'm pretty confident in making it into both. At first I had the mindset that it...
  10. the-derivative

    Tutoring for Business Studies/Physics/Maths (2U/3U) - Fairfield/Parramatta/Liverpool

    Tutoring for Business Studies/Physics/Maths (2U/3U) - South-west/Inner-west Sydney! UPDATE: I have resumed teaching for 2014 (haven taken a short break for professional career reasons). PM if interested. Greetings to you! My name is Nathan and I’m currently offering Private Tutoring and...
  11. the-derivative

    Thoughts on raw mark needed for an E4

    What do you guys think will be the cutoff mark for an E4 this year? I personally think it'll be mid 50s, but that's just me guessing.
  12. the-derivative

    State Rank - based on past trends.

    Hey Guys, I was wondering, based on past trends, would anyone know what marks one would need to attain in order to achieve a state ranking in business studies (I think it's the Top 20 that gets listed in a 2-unit subject). Just curious.
  13. the-derivative

    Trial Papers that best simulate the HSC

    Hey guys, I'm coming to a point where I'm almost finished the HSC papers for this decade. Because the syllabus was changed in 2001, I can't really do past papers that were written before 2001 (except for maths), so I was wondering, in your opinion, which trial papers best simulate the HSC...
  14. the-derivative

    'Imaginative Writing' - what forms would be classified under this

    Hey guys, I'm a bit confused about the wording of 'imaginative writing'. If I were to do a form, lets say for example, a speech or a feature article, would it still be classified as imaginative writing, or do I have to stick to the more to the traditional forms like narratives, diary entries etc.
  15. the-derivative

    2009 Independant Paper - 4U

    Hello guys, I've just been given a copy of the Independant Trial and I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the solutions - specifically the last two bits of the conics question? If anyone does, could they upload it or give me a PM. That would be much appreciated.
  16. the-derivative

    Conical Pendulum Motion - Help

    Hey Guys, I'm a bit lost on the second part of this question: Two light inextensible strings AB and BC are each length l are attatched to a particle of mass m a B. The other ends A and C are fixed to two points in a verticle line such that A is distance l above C. The particle describes a...
  17. the-derivative

    ATAR Estimate - Just out of curiosity

    Hey guys, After viewing all the ATAR estimate threads, I'm curious on what you guys would think my ATAR would be. I go to a school which gets into the Top 200 consistently, but slipped significantly in 2008 [2007: 126; 2008: 250th]. My current ranks: Business Studies - 1/82 Mathematics...
  18. the-derivative

    Transfer to Law - 2nd Year

    Commerce Transfer to Law - 2nd Year Hey guys! I was wondering, does anyone know if the guaranteed transfer to law in the second year (provided you get 97+ UAI and Credit Average - i think) applies to degrees such as Commerce (International) and Commerce (Liberal Studies) or just Commerce by...
  19. the-derivative

    Gradient Magnetic Fields?

    Hey guys, I don't really get the concept of gradient magnetic fields for MRI scans. WHy are they needed to image a slice in the body? Any help is most appreciated.
  20. the-derivative

    Binomial Probability

    Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble interpreting the last part of this question. Fitzpatrick (3u) - Ex. 29b. q. 6 part iii. It is known that in the long run 7 out of 10 students of Year 12 will enter university. Assuming a binomial distribution, find the probability that out of a group of 5...