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  1. rnitya_25

    Toxicology (PCOL3011)

    Has anyone here done this subject before? If so, I really need notes as well as last year's quiz papers. If you have them, I'm willing to buy them off you. Urgent stuff, PM me or email me at rnitya_25@hotmail.com thank you.
  2. rnitya_25

    The Tutor's Thread

    Basically a thread where tutors from anywhere can ask questions to other tutors and/or complain and rant about their annoying students....lol. I have a question: i got students who just come to class and expect me to just teach english and have nothing prepared. I've taught them in the...
  3. rnitya_25

    You preference of IPod

    What's your preference? and why? I've only owned one type, so I'd have to say the newest tiny clip-on squarish thing, its adorable and its very easy to take around. I've got 1Gig on it, its more than sufficient. I also want to ask another thing, ^the IPod I recently got, what's the battery...
  4. rnitya_25

    Work1003 Major Essay

    Anyone doing this and realising how screwed it is? I'm dying over it... :|
  5. rnitya_25

    Best Cheesecake in Sydney

    ok ever since I watched that cheesecake episode on Friends, i'm hooked. seriously, HOOKED. what do you all think is the best cheesecake in sydney from what you've had or heard about? So far, I've thoroughly enjoyed Gloria Jeans' blueberry cheesecake (eating right now). please state place and...
  6. rnitya_25

    BEST LAPTOP BRAND- Your Choice

    Just wanted to get people's opinions on what laptop they would prefer most, leave out the costs, just quality and life span wise, what is the best? IMO, I prefer Toshiba over anything.. please tell me if i've left out anything, i'll add it in.
  7. rnitya_25

    Desperate Housewives-U.S.A Airings [Spoliers]

    I honestly think that this season is worth watching....from what i've seen so far, i thought it was well done....no more kinky crap, no more useless stuff. it gets into the nits and grits of issues, and alot more happens in a shorter period of time...in other words, doesn't move in a 'LOST'...
  8. rnitya_25

    SUPERNATURAL-Season 2 [Spoilers]

    Hey Guys, Watched the first three episodes of supernatural which is out in US i believe...anyone else? I thought it was mindblowing, fantastic performances, throat-choking twists..i really liked em. Now since we're not allowed to put up the sites where you can watch the first three episodes...
  9. rnitya_25

    2006 Cultural Night!

    I'm a bit surprised there's no thread on this event! So, who's going? Held in some hall in Baulkam Hills, 35 bucks. 30th Sept. My first time going, and i've heard it's pretty damn good.
  10. rnitya_25

    Mixing songs together- making a medley

    I need some serious help. I need to perform a piece in about 2 weeks and for that i need to mix two songs together, so basically I need to be able to take whatever parts from both songs, put bits and pieces in specific places so i can make a medley sorta thing to which I can perform. The thing...
  11. rnitya_25

    Commander in Chief

    its comin in a few days, who's gonna watch? seems quite interesting, yet a little boring too....gena davis is quite pretty.
  12. rnitya_25

    Gimme Info..

    ok, i put up my info on tutorfinder.com right, and its amazing how many people look on that site, because withing 2-3 weeks, about 7 people called me to tutor their kids. i took 3 kids, but had to defer the others to other people or the timings and area didn't suit me. all i want is what people...
  13. rnitya_25

    How to get rid of Banners in Photos...

    problems problems. i needa get rid of those little banner things in photos, when you get em off the net, they always have that copy right crap right across the middle of the picture. i'll post up an example, its extremely annoying and i wanna know how to get rid of it, or how to edit it out...
  14. rnitya_25

    urgent help: microsoft word

    hey, i need to know how to set up the page to be in A5, as in half of A4. im not able to change it. i need to print out a pamphlet and it meeds to be in size A5 and i don't know how to set up page to be in A5. help...quickly. thanx
  15. rnitya_25

    Australia's Funniest Home Vidoes!

    hahahaha, i could NOT stop lauhging yesterday. who watched it too? i loved the two following most: when the girl is riding down the mountain in a cart and screaming, and the background words 'she'll be screaming down the mountain when she comesssss..." that was absoltely hilarious! and...
  16. rnitya_25

    Pop-ups on BORED

    hey, i;ve been noticing the past few days, there have been excessive pop-ups when i get on to bos. is there a reason for this? has bored affiliated with these pop-up owners? idno why it happens only on bos, but there are like 5 pop-ups at once and its hard to get rid of. even firefox isn't...
  17. rnitya_25

    Pocket Knives

    ok, ....lets get you, the public's opinion in relation to pocket knives how come we, as the public, have access to pocket knives, but we aren't allowed to use it. ok, i've always had a thing for them, i like pocket knives, i think they're cool i, i bought one the other day. how come companies...
  18. rnitya_25

    LAW section in forums

    hey, is there a forum where we can discuss legal issues? such as ask question about the legality of certain things in society....does this go in the politics and current affairs forum?
  19. rnitya_25

    NEVER work at AVON..!!!!

    they suck, they scab off you hard, they give you nothing. its so bloody stupid, hear this out. i started working for avon like 2 or 3 weeks ago, and they gave me all these brochures to distribute to about 50-60 houses and then collect after a few days, pu in orders anyone gave and order the...
  20. rnitya_25

    Volume/Sound Problem

    ok, this is different to the other thread. the problem i have is quite awkward. i have my sound on normal, and recently, for the past week or so, suddenly, after maybe about a hour, it automatically goes to mute...for no logical reason....the volume control thing just goes down to lowest/mute. i...