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  1. K

    Law at Macquarie

    Hi: I was wondering if anyone here does law at Macquarie? What is it like? I am considering it as an option for next year but I am absolutely clueless.... im thinking of combining it with business adminstration or commerce... can someone give me a general picture of what its like? e.g...
  2. K

    PIP Survey: Parenting!

    Harlo! I'm doing my PIP on changing nature of parenting from the 50s to today and examing the changed attitudes, disciplines, values as well as the social forces that are driving these changes. I guess we all have experiences, opinions on our parents and they way they raise us and how we would...
  3. K

    Max/Min Question

    A point A lies on the curve y= x(5-x), and a point B with the same x coordinate as A lies on the curve y=x(x-3). Show this information on a diagram , then find an expression for the length of AB, and determine the max. length if 0<x<4 (this is meant to be smaller equal than) Would u be able...
  4. K

    PIP Day

    Hey, did anyone go to the PIP day last Friday (1oth i think) @ Wesley Mission in the city? ... It was pretty interesting and useful... esp. the whole refining your PiP thing... Although most of it was a bit repetitive, nonethless interesting..