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  1. jazz519

    HSC Chemistry Exam Solutions / Thoughts

    Hi everyone, Hope your preparation for the Chemistry Exam is going well Post any predictions you have below. This is the first year of the new Chemistry HSC syllabus so it will be interesting to see how NESA will structure the new papers Also share any thoughts or solutions for the exam...
  2. jazz519

    Chemistry Questions Thread New Syllabus

    Hi seeing as there are not many resources for the new syllabus or people who actually know the syllabus properly, feel free to post questions you have regarding the new syllabus. It could be things like what to expect or actual exam questions or homework problems you are having trouble with and...
  3. jazz519

    PHYSICS HSC Questions Sorted by Topic (Based on New Syllabus)

    Hi I have gone through some of the HSC papers from the old syllabus and placed them into the new respective module it relates to in the new syllabus Here is the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wEcXGeBBhvhOATFzfoq_rU8pg-LEtKun?usp=sharing Module 5 is now complete (2001-2018 + NEW...
  4. jazz519

    Term 2 2019 Results Discussion Thread

    Release of results (according to UNSW website): Saturday, 6 September 2019 - 9:00am (but marks get sent out night before as usual) No one made the thread yet so I thought I would
  5. jazz519


    Hi my name is Jasnoor, I am offering tutoring in small groups (3 students) for Year 11 and Year 12 HSC CHEMISTRY SOME INFO ABOUT ME: 3rd Year UNSW Advanced Science Student Majoring in CHEMISTRY HD WAM (High Distinction) WITH Multiple 90+ in Uni Science Courses (e.g. 2nd Year Analytical...
  6. jazz519

    HSC Questions Sorted By Topic

    Hi, throughout this year I will be tutoring for Chemistry year 12, and in the process I have spent some time forming booklets (with the HSC questions sorted by topic for 2004-2017, as well as the section of the syllabus). I will be posting them on this thread for the current HSC class to use...
  7. jazz519

    Advice From A 99.70 ATAR Student (chem, phys, business, English, 2U, 3U)

    So hi guys this is going to be a new thread on which I post helpful tips for the subjects I did during the HSC (listed in the title and my signature), as well as some general advice for the HSC. I'll be trying to post a few times a week, so check back as I post to see the ways in which I...
  8. jazz519

    HSC Chemistry Paper Answers

    Hi guys, hope you did well in the exam. Post thoughts over here: http://community.boredofstudies.org/1255/chemistry/370933/chemistry-exam-thoughts.html I will be posting solutions to the exam shortly (also let me know if I have made any mistakes)
  9. jazz519

    HSC questions sorted by topic

    Hey guys, was just deleting stuff through my google drive and found these documents (not sure who went to the effort of compiling them), but I thought it could be useful for people
  10. jazz519

    Buying exam responses back

    Hey I was thinking of buying back my exam responses for like tutoring purposes, if you purchase the examination responses does that also include like the mark you got for each question like separately? Or do you have to also purchase the raw marks report?
  11. jazz519

    TSP for advanced Science worth it?

    Hey so I just got my HSC results and atar and I went on my UNSW guaranteed entry page and it said that I'm invited by the dean of science to the tsp (talented student program) is this program any good? Any info would be appreciated
  12. jazz519

    A few questions - state ranks, the newspaper for band 6s and allrounders

    Hey so I had a two questions about the HSC results: 1) when are state rankings announced 2) what newspaper has the honour roll that you can like buy in paper version that has all the b6s and like all rounders etc. in it
  13. jazz519

    AAA scholarship question

    Hey, so today I went on my UNSW guaranteed entry page and it said I was eligible for the AAA scholarship, does this mean I go at highest atar in my school or just from those people who are going unsw?
  14. jazz519

    UNSW scholarships

    For the scholarships other than coop has anyone got any replies yet? I just have all are being assessed.
  15. jazz519


    99 ATAR notes - Adv. English (97), Phys (94), Chem (93), Bus (94) Link to my new thread on this website (had to make a new thread because I couldn't change the name of this one)...
  16. jazz519

    Unsw scholarships

    Hey i applied for a few scholarships was wondering when unsw usually notifies if you have got it or not if any past scholarship recipients are aware of, because there is no date on their website. Thanks
  17. jazz519

    Final atar estimate

    Hey guys so I wondering if I could get a final atar estimate since I have just finished all my 3 trials exams. The first trial was a school made trial which was externally marked, the 2nd one was cssa and also externally marked and last trial exam was internally marked. Is a 99.9 possible...
  18. jazz519

    HSC marking - how did past high achieving students answer questions

    Hey, I have heard that HSC marking for chemistry and physics is quite harsh such as a 93 raw will get you a state rank in both. So I was wondering if there any past band 6 students here, how did you approach or answer questions such as did you use diagrams, tables for comparisons, putting...
  19. jazz519

    Atar estimate

    Hey guys I was wondering whether I am on track to get a 99.5 atar Rankings and marks: English advanced - 1/35 (92/105 in cssa trial, 2nd highest was 82/105) Mathematics - 2/approximately 60 (99/100 in cssa trial - school is ranked 6th in 2unit, mx1 and mx2) Mathematics extension 1 - 5/19 (got...