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  1. Chand

    Muslim People in Australia

    Valid point.
  2. Chand

    Muslim People in Australia

    Something to think about. Quote: “the most tragic day in history is that of the battle of Poitiers when in 732 the science, the art, and the civilization of Arabia fell back before the barbarism of the Frank”. “…this defeat delayed civilisation in France for 700 years and had it...
  3. Chand

    Todays Power outage

    Most of the classes after 6 pm were held, including mine. :( There was a water issue as well as electricity, so people weren't allowed in until around 5:30 or so.
  4. Chand

    Autumn 2005 Exam/Assessment Results...20th July...Discuss and post in here!

    Did better than expected in most, did worse than expected in one but happy. Next semester can't come soon enough..
  5. Chand

    Autumn 2005 Exam/Assessment Results...20th July...Discuss and post in here!

    I think its through My Student Admin and are released on the 20th July. I forget easily though so I might be wrong.
  6. Chand

    EFS excursion.

    wolli creek? is there something sustainable about it? :p
  7. Chand

    Muslim cleric: women incite men's lust with 'satanic dress'

    I am muslim and I wear a hijab myself. So did the sister who got screamed obsceneties on the way to work. So far nothings happened to me personally, alhumdulillah. Yes the media made a big deal out of it, but we need to clarify to the rest of the nation who watch the media that the comment...
  8. Chand

    Muslim cleric: women incite men's lust with 'satanic dress'

    What he said was wrong, and a lot of muslims disagree and strongly condemn what he said,including myself. Because of this one person, hate emails have started arriving at islamic websites and already a sister i know has been screamed at on her way to work...just because of this one...
  9. Chand

    What EFS tute are u in?

    She has really good memory. Thats all I know about her. And no, she wasnt my tutor
  10. Chand


    the hallway is the corridor between the careers office and the housing office (past lavazza cafe place), you go down the steps and you'll see a bit of lockers on your left
  11. Chand

    How was your first day?

    Yeah man..of course I did..and thank goodness I passed. No idea how though, I think most ppl didnt do well so they got scaled up :p Who knows, who cares. By the way, what gave u the idea I was doing physics?
  12. Chand

    How was your first day?

    It couldve been someone else, but were you in the musallah arnd 12?
  13. Chand

    How was your first day?

    Felt tired and it wasnt even for a full day. :( A hour lecture seemed like 3 hrs..its going to be a loong term I met a boser without knowing..mR Eazy I think it was? :p
  14. Chand

    what do ppl have on tomorrow at uni (28/2)

    A meeting and a lec starting at 12. When the tutorials start running its a 9 am start...and on a Monday too. :(
  15. Chand

    new thread for new issue

    Eng is split as well..Tutorial week is week 10.
  16. Chand

    some quick questions ...

    I don't think its been allocated yet? Maybe check a day or two before and see if it comes up..?
  17. Chand

    some quick questions ...

    I think CM is City Markets? Building 5 is a couple of streets away from broadway, near market city shopping centre. CM5C where C is just the section of building 5. 04 Building 4, GD Ground, etc etc
  18. Chand


    A couple of friends got powerade water bottles and a cool powerade bum bag..there was the fairy floss and like someone said drinks. I didn't walk around much, but quite a number of people would just take lollies as they passed by without stopping. :p there was enough for everyone though. I got...
  19. Chand

    orientation week...

    They dont check whther your full time or part just go and make it yourself...all the kiosk people have to do is set up, stand there and make sure nothing runs out. :p the choc tiny teddies are nice. :)
  20. Chand

    Electrical Engineering, anyone else from this site joining me?

    2 seperate 6 month intervals of work placement.