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    Topic 1 Summary according to syllabus

    5- Topics · Management and Change · Marketing · Employment Relations · Globalisation · Financial Management 4- Topics in Management and Change · Nature of management · Understanding Business Organisation · Management Change ·...
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    2006 HSC question

    Hey guys this is for all the ppl who did the 2006 HSC n i was wondering how u went about answer the essay question about journeys....'more than anything else journey is about the interpretation od the new. Do you agree?'....we r studying/practicin it in skool n just tryin to figure out the...
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    PIP intro

    yer i dont a lot of research but i want to get the basic intro down just so i no were im heading n plus my teacher sed that i should start writing the intro atleast
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    PIP intro

    ok so im having some trouble starting my PIP. i was told to base it all serious like but i tend to have my own personal style of writin and im finding it hard to put my point across about it. How can i write a good intro that doesnt highlight my writing style, to the extreme anyway:) xoxo missty