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  1. gamja

    Vectors question - 3 vectors and their moduli

    Hi - don't know where to start for i). The solution we were given involved =k( /a + /b) which contains unit vectors, which I don't really get. I know that we can't just equate k to c, because that would mean that c is a+b which is wrong as question does not imply a rhombus. Thanks in advance...
  2. gamja

    Issue - how do I make yr 11 details show ANU Early Entry Application?

    yeah i called and they told me to prepare manual forms for yr 11 results and consult uac office tmrw morning when they open up calls
  3. gamja

    Issue - how do I make yr 11 details show ANU Early Entry Application?

    anu automatically uploaded my yr 12 details but didn't with yr 11 details - and i can't progress with my application. How do i solve this? I'm awaiting an email from ANU about this issue, but if there is a fast response I'd love to hear it. Thanks!
  4. gamja

    DIrect Proof - primes and factorials

    Is this possible to be solved using direct proof? From MANSW chal q Also, what do you begin to consider in general with proof questions with primes or factorials in them?
  5. gamja

    COMPLEX series question - please help asap

    By expanding the left-hand side, show that \left(1+2z+3z^{2}+4z^{3}+5z^{4}+...+nz^{n-1}\right)\left(z-1\right)=n where z is an nth root of unity, n≠1 I noticed that it looked like a differential, and if you integrate it you get \left(1+z^{2}+z^{3}+z^{4}+...+z^{n}\right)=\int_{ }^{...
  6. gamja

    UNSW+Monash med scholarships?

    What scholarships can I get if I were to do bmed MD at UNSW OR Monash (High school leaver)? Not anything sports/music related, indigenous/lowSES/rural/female. Anything else (academic, cocurricular, leadership etc) is appreciated.
  7. gamja

    2023 HSC chat

    I would get actually hella fomo and focus would slowly spiral away if all of my friends were out relaxing and celebrating and i still had a week of HSC study left i'd just turn off all socials to be safe
  8. gamja

    Am i screwed for Atar

    Firstly, it's definitely not too late on the internal exam front. Hint, you probably have heavier-weighted assessments and trials coming up that will definitely outbalance your past exams if you do well. Secondly, even if you fail internals, having a good HSC examination mark (which accounts...
  9. gamja

    2023 HSC Exam Timetables: OUT NOW 28/4

    oh yeah f in the chat for the phys kids
  10. gamja

    2023 HSC Exam Timetables: OUT NOW 28/4

    lowkey I think i'd get more confident as the weeks go on - forcing myself to get more sleep than pre-exam days as well... just happy that English is first as always (good to see NESA behaving as it should), to get it done and over with fr
  11. gamja

    2023 HSC Exam Timetables: OUT NOW 28/4

    ayy the maths and sciences are all pushed like 3 days forward compared to last year so slightly earlier finish
  12. gamja

    random integration question

    how do you reconcile integrations with more than one answer? Is the difference accounted for with differing constant 'c's? Does that technically mean any answer for an integration is correct? argh e.g. when solving rev chain and using double angle. Clearly sin^2x/2 does not equal cos2x/4...
  13. gamja

    Gifted Cluster for Advanced Maths review

    depends which 4u class you're in - one of them is 3hrs a week - with 3:30-5pm sun and 6-7:30 thu
  14. gamja

    2023 HSC Exam Timetables: OUT NOW 28/4

    Post/discuss your personalised timetable here: HSC begins from 11th OCT and finished 3rd NOV this year How to check your personalised timetable: 1. go to nesa, press 'log in' 2. enter your details (email your school if you don't know your details) to log in 3. click 'exam timetable' under...
  15. gamja

    CASPER SJT test resources/tutoring?

    My younger sister wants to get into USYD veterinary medicine - where one of the admission criteria is the CASPER sjt test - is it similar to ucat sjt and if not are there any books or online packages to use for prep?
  16. gamja

    limits sigma notation

    could you expand on how you got from line 2->3? (sigma notation to integral) - it looks like the sum of the rectangle areas (trapezoidal rule?) but I'm stuck how the k and n changed to become in terms of 'x'.
  17. gamja

    limits sigma notation

    can you do this: \frac{1}{n}\sum _{k=1}^{\:n}\:\lim _{n\to \infty }\left(\frac{1}{1+\frac{k^2}{n^2}}\right) then \frac{1}{n}\cdot\sum_{k=1}^{n}1 which equals \frac{1}{n}?\ I'm generally not sure how to solve lim questions involving sums... please help! Thank you! *ps also noticed that latex...
  18. gamja

    BOS light mode > dark mode

    dark mode is extra ass for circular pfp legends like me or @enoilgam who map the circle colour with the light grey of light mode
  19. gamja

    inequalities using integration Q - alternating harmonic series

    ok thanks for ur help! I did b) but how would you do c)? doesn't that statement imply =0: can you solve this integral without using by parts? edit: I think I would need to take the limit as t approached infinity of both sides because there is an unended ... - but I still need to learn how to...