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  1. tennille

    Forgot to write SID on exam paper

    You'll be fine. I forgot to either put my name or SID on my multiple choice paper in second year and it was fine.
  2. tennille

    Senior chemistry

    Maschemeyer didn't teach us last year for catalysis. I'm pretty sure Peter Rutledge teaches synthetic/medicinal (he was pretty awesome with showing pictures of his holidays, etc 1/2 way through the lecture). Yeah, both Kable and Schmidt (now this guy is what I call cocky) as well as Meredith...
  3. tennille

    Senior chemistry

    I like Brendan Kennedy, but he's a bit lost sometimes. Chris Ling's stuff is pretty hard. But I definitely reccomend catalysis. Tony Masters is awesome!
  4. tennille

    Senior chemistry

    I found catalysis and sustainable processes to be the best subject in third year. Medicinal and metal chemistry was okay, same with quantum chemistry. Do not do materials chemistry- that was pretty crap. As for the rest, I'm not too sure.
  5. tennille

    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 1 Chatter Thread That's because it's a shed, not a building. :p
  6. tennille

    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 1 Chatter Thread That's because it's a shed, not a building. :p
  7. tennille

    Lab coats and safety glasses

    Well, that's different.
  8. tennille

    Lab coats and safety glasses

    I didn't buy a lab coat until I was in third year. I think in Chemistry and Physics its optional. But I needed it for Biochemistry in third year.
  9. tennille

    Red P driving test on a Saturday???

    You should be able to do the test on a Saturday. I got my Ps on a Saturday. But I guess it depends what RTA it is.
  10. tennille

    Security access on your 2008 card?

    Haha...I managed to get my security access yesterday before they sent the email. Win.
  11. tennille

    BIGW night fill

    On most occasions, night fillers won't work past 12. However, I've seen some work till 2am. They'll get a higher rate of pay if they work past 12. Big W calls in their casual night fillers, so it'll be good to make a good impression so you will get called in.
  12. tennille

    turkish soccer

    Fenerbahce fan.
  13. tennille

    Life After the Bachelor of Science (Advanced/Normal)

    Yeah, you can do two majors. :) Most people do.
  14. tennille

    Life After the Bachelor of Science (Advanced/Normal)

    Pay varies from company to company. If you did honours, you'd be receiving less money from centrelink since you'd be earning more. ;) Average salary for science graduates is about $50000-$55000. I think it's about $65000 if you do honours. But it varies. If you're determined to do well, then...
  15. tennille

    reality check of uni?

    You would have been better off if you bought them second-hand when uni begins.
  16. tennille

    Subject Changes

    You can vary your enrolment online (myuni --> myadmin), but you probably won't be able to do that until sometime in February.
  17. tennille

    Official Summer Siesta 2007/8 Thread

    I think they usually repeat the lectures at 12 too.
  18. tennille

    med science 2009

    As I stated in the other thread you created, minimal knowledge of maths for science degrees (particularly at usyd, but I'm sure it's also the case for UNSW) is mathematics. You're only doing general mathematics.
  19. tennille

    BoS USyd Roll Call 2008

    Tennille Bachelor of Science (Advanced) IV (Biochemistry/Chemistry) Hons (Biochemistry)
  20. tennille

    I think i just ran a red...

    Stop line, sorry.