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  1. flashtrick

    First year science camp

    Didn't know they had one. Where'd you get the details from? EDIT: NVM, found it.
  2. flashtrick

    Free Parking at/near Usyd

    Drove to Uni today for the science workshop. Most of my classes are in the main buildings - all the ones near the quadrangle place - so I chose to park on the other side of Parramatta Rd near Arundel Street. Turns out it's either full, paid parking or only 2-hour parking. Ended up driving to...
  3. flashtrick

    Science Transition Workshop

    Good to see that other people are actually coming to this. Didn't want to show up and see an empty room of professors. What was the $10 for?
  4. flashtrick

    double degree for science. a bad choice ?

    If you did science by itself, you'd have more contact hours for first year. I have 24+ hours a week. No weekday off. Fully jelly that you get wednesday off.
  5. flashtrick

    The Zokunu Chronicles: My HSC, and how I progress

    To each their own, man, but you seem to be treating the HSC like a check-list. A long, every-day-I-should-be-studying checklist. I mean sure, my opinion is going to be skewed because my only input of your life is from your 'study journal', but I feel like you are in need of a loosening up and...
  6. flashtrick

    Scholarships help!!

    The Merit Scholarship (the semi-big ones besides the 99.95 scholarship) are application only. In fact, most of the general USyd scholarships were application only. Sucks, I know. (I also missed them cause I completely forgot about them.) But the good news is that most faculties have their own...
  7. flashtrick

    Should I do a biology unit to prepare myself for molecular biology? (first year sci.)

    Never did biology in high school. Molecular biology and genetics (MBLG1001) has no prerequisite but has assumed knowledge of junior biology. I don't want to waste my time doing a biology unit in first semester if I don't need it. Was thinking of doing some self learning in the winter break...
  8. flashtrick

    View on Drugs

    When I met some German backpackers, they had just come back from Nimbin. Now that place is apparently pretty chill, but they said they felt a few people (not a whole bunch) were really serious about weed. That, and you always have the odd teenage guy who thinks he's sick as just because he...
  9. flashtrick

    View on Drugs

    I hate the weed culture. "Weed is good for you." "Everyone needs to do weed." All drugs alter your body's normal state. Science hasn't discovered all the implications of all drugs. Caffeine is an ostensibly harmless drug, but people develop a dependency on it. People need their morning coffee...
  10. flashtrick

    Burning Out & Lacking Motivation?

    I'm kinda burnt out these holidays. And funnily enough, I finished my HSC last year, haha. For me personally, I know that I have cycles of high and low motivational stages. So I ride the highs, doing as much as I can, then ride the lows, doing nothing at all. Might not work for you. Motivation...
  11. flashtrick

    Guide to creative writing with examples for that A mark!

    This is some great info! I really enjoyed creative writing in high school, but truth is, I was never really good at it. My teacher always said I got my marks thanks to my writing. I lacked substance and depth which I hid with flare.
  12. flashtrick

    Subject Selections 2014

    MATH 1901 MATH 1902 CHEM 1901 PHYS 1901 As for the 6cp of elective, I'm not sure if TSP goes towards that or if TSP is actually just the (Special Studies) thing for the subjects. Does anyone know about this? "Students are expected to attend a minimum of 80% of timetabled activities for a unit...
  13. flashtrick

    How to Get Motivated Not sure about you guys, but I've gotten really lazy these days. So what better way to regain motivation than by writing about it? Though, I really need to plan out these posts, haha. Keep ending up in a direction different to the one in my head...
  14. flashtrick

    How do you like your Weet-Bix?

    I always pour milk into the bowl, then add a weetbix one-by-one as I eat them. Maintains maximum crunch and reduces the dreaded sogginess. I have oatmeal in the morning, but if I'm ever hungry and too lazy to cook/heat things up, I just eat weetbix. Apparently it has an alarming amount of...
  15. flashtrick

    Advice from a graduated HSC student on how to excel in After the Bomb (essay writing)

    Re: Advice from a graduated HSC student on how to excel in After the Bomb (essay writ I don't follow Asian trends at all. I kind of pick up the whole Asian emasculation from what I see around me. I mean, those frozen yogurt store are the most obvious to me. Not trying to make broad...
  16. flashtrick

    Advice from a graduated HSC student on how to excel in After the Bomb (essay writing)

    Re: Advice from a graduated HSC student on how to excel in After the Bomb (essay writ man, wish my school had picked after the bomb. textual dynamics was interesting, but after the bomb feels so much more relevant to today's society than learning how author's subvert traditional techniques to...
  17. flashtrick

    'I study a lot harder than them, but they still beat me. Why?'

    We've all surely heard this phrase from a disgruntled friend before. Or maybe those words were uttered from your own mouth. Whichever it may be, most students simply believe results directly correlate to the amount of study prior to an exam. - In Year 11, I did Music 2. Since Year 5, I...
  18. flashtrick

    scholarships in Bsc

    I completely forgot to apply for scholarships throughout this year. I'm planning on doing B. Sci (Adv). Are the academic scholarships application only? I hope I didn't miss them, as it'd be nice to have a bit of extra pocket change throughout uni.
  19. flashtrick

    99.95 ATAR aim

    Well relative to going for a 99.95. A person with creativity and logic can pull off 99+, but they're going to have to go above and beyond in terms of work if aim to pull off 99.95.
  20. flashtrick

    99.95 ATAR aim

    I think it's admirable that you've decided to truly dedicate yourself towards a goal. A lot of people casually say they're 'aiming for 99.95' but it's clear it's said for conversation's sake rather than earnest. From your few posts, I don't think you fit into that category of people. I for one...