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  1. Stebengki

    Learn Latin

    The best i've come by is the Oxford Latin Course This is like a study guide to it. The books aren't cheap but they're better than most. You will still be doing a heck of a lot of "Horatia goes to the fountain to draw water" and...
  2. Stebengki

    Right now, who would you vote for?

    You idiot it's LabOr party. Go wiki it.
  3. Stebengki

    Homosexuality in Australia

    I don't think that the Bible teaches us to hate others To demoralise any person just because they believe in something else is completely wrong. it's also completely ignorant of the world around you. In the wake of post-modernism, post-feminism, and the acceptance of societal inclusion, i...
  4. Stebengki

    Different types of employment contracts

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Employment Full time work security of payment security of entitlements inflexibility of hours long hours Part time work some benefits and entitlements of full time work (pro-rata) flexibility of hours possibility of...
  5. Stebengki

    Macbeth Comic

    Hey this might come a bit late -_- But go to (is this allowed? on this website -_-) aaaaaaand type in "MACBETH" and it should give you the major plot lines what teacher's are looking for in terms of thematic ideas comic - geez wish we could do something like that. We had...
  6. Stebengki

    Macbeth Essay help

    I usually do a diorama it impresses teachers (giggle) Err... With the notion of power, you could almost do a parody and relate it to someone gaining power and failing miserably, getting paranoid. Make a political statement and make it related to i dunno George Bush or something. The thing...